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  • Amazon Customer - Great Product for the Price, Superior Functionality

    Bought at local COSTCO having been marked down from $79.99 to $39.00, one of their many "super deals". All we really needed was a new clock radio to replace our ancient Proton. Surprised at the simplicity of operation, quality of sound and Bluetooth issues with set-up or function buttons. Extra battery is cool as most external power source backups are simply, Cheap Chinese Crap (CCC), this certainly is not. Highly recommend this product.

  • Aschr - I HATE this crock-pot

    Let me start with saying, I HATE this crock-pot!!! I have an older version of this pot and love it. I cook a ton with it and wanted to add another for multiple reasons. I was super excited about the locking lid for travel and let me just say, that is really the only good thing about it. I purchased this July 2015 and have used it approximately 8-10 times. This pot is constantly cooking on high, even on the warm setting. I have cooked everything from baked beans, a roast, chicken, even used it as a warmer for bacon wrapped smokies for a party. EVERYTHING continues to cook where I have to turn it off for periods of time to cool down, then turn back on. I would never trust leaving this at home cooking with no one to keep an eye on it for one, I would be afraid my food would over cook, and two, I'd be afraid it would get so hot it my short and catch fire. I'm guessing the latter would most likely not happen, but I'm not taking any chances. I am past the return time for Amazon and am frustrated that I'm now stuck with it. I really did want it to work out. So, with all that, move on, do not purchase this!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Has 2 settings!

    I have been looking all over for one of these at a reasonable price. We do foster care so I wanted something quick and easy. There was a coupon code and we decided to invest. One thing that is really neat is you can switch it to a different setting to see the temperature in your house!

  • Running Man - tasty multivitamins

    These gummies are great for daily use. The biggest factor in me continuing to take a chewable multi vitamin is how good they taste. If they have a chemical after taste, or just are bad flavors in general, I usually will stop taking them and then they are worthless. These multi vitamins taste amazing so taking them everyday doesn't feel like a chore, but more as a pleasureful little treat. One gummy is the Biotin supplement which is strawberry flavored, the other is a multi vitamin that is orange flavored. The orange multi vitamin is my favorite. The orange flavor is really really good, the strawberry is OK, a little more dull of a flavor, but that strong citrus flavor really taste like a candy. They are made with natural flavors and colors.

  • Truth Be Told - Fits like a glove

    I bought these for my 2014 1500 crew cab and they fit snug and perfect. I love that they have an upper edge so that it is hard for dirt and water to go under the liner. although I use my truck as a work truck I also use it for personal use and I feared that this liner would make the interior look like a commercial truck but it does not. They blend in nicely with the interior. The material looks like it will hold up to a lot of foot traffic and abuse. Ill update my review if I have issues with it in the future.