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  • David Price - Be Warned

    Their entire business model is based on revenues from Shipping and Processing that is NOT refundable. They charge $29.95 S&P for EACH unit even though they come together in one box that costs just over $6 to ship anywhere in the USA. If you go to you will see these units available in quantities of 1000 at a price of between $15 to $20. That means they are raking it in and the S&P is actually more than the cost of the unit itself. Buyer Beware!!! They got me!

  • Mustang - Fabulous!

    These work wonderfully! I have used them several times now around the office and at home. From a large light weight painting to a heavy dry erase board. Sticks great on cinder block and drywall or plaster wall. This does not work well for use on bathroom tile. I used 3 strips to attach my small plastic container on the tile to hold all my icy hot patches and bengay up and off the bathroom counter. That was more than enough to hold 14-16 lbs. my contained and its contents only weighed about 3 lbs but it fell off within 2 days. That is the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars. I'm assuming the tile surface is way too smooth and/or has something to do with the humidity in the bathroom because I have no vent system in there. Great option if you do not want to pound holes in your walls or live in an apartment and want to make sure you get your entire security deposit back. I gave a few packs of these to my daughter who lives in an apartment for that very reason.

  • Catherine L. Poss - I love the practical magic in Llewellyn's calendar and datebook

    Being raised Catholic, I used to hide my interest in this. But after ten or so years, I'm out of the closet. I love the practical magic in Llewellyn's calendar and datebook. I feel more grounded by having this in my life.

  • Jack - Great product. Respected company

    I have been using Muscle Tech products for over 15 years. They always had a quality product. They have been responsible for being the first ones to bring a lot of products out today to the market over the years. Myobuild is another quality product. The fruit punch flavor is my favorite. I mix it in with my protein along with my creatine. I have seen steady gains with the use of this product plus the muscular benefits of BCAAs in general. You can't go wrong with adding Myobuild to your supplementation.

  • Rose - One week is all it took

    I am one of those people who has suffered from Candida overgrowth for years. Gas, bloating, constipation, itching, and the most recent horror - angular cheilitis. Rephresh Pro B worked great for the itching, but my other symptoms remained. After one week on Threelac, this bout of angular cheilitis disappeared and all of the other symptoms improved tremendously. Odd extra benefit - fresher breath. I'm going to try Fivelac next to see if it gets even better. I am so very happy to have found this product.

  • E. Mitchell - Great book to supplement your other Nutrition research

    I bought this book based on a recommendation from a friend. I have been reading a number of books on nutrition in efforts to feel better. This book includes things that are being discussed in other books such as Ultra Metabolism. Avoid foods that can cause yeast growth, or other potentially allergic foods - wheat, dairy, sugar, yeast. While I liked the recipes in the book, and the overall concept of starchy vs. non-starchy foods and balancing them with proteins and grains. I was looking for that "master list" of foods that categorize them. This part was skimpy and placed throughout the book, making it difficult to find.

  • vitamin b - Helps Heal Scars And Ease Swelling

    This product has done really great things for my skin. Most of my acne and scars are focused on my cheeks. I've had acne since I was 12 and am now 19. Recently after calming down for a few months it's come back pretty badly along my jawline. However, after a month of using this mask it's almost completely gone. The redness and swelling has gone down a lot as well as my scars healing surprisingly well. I use it every night before I go to sleep and follow up by moisturizing with raw shea butter and leave the butter on while I sleep. This has left me with amazing results.