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Signal conditioner programmable - Keeping this short because i know someone else will go into deep detail about the update- Suprised no one has done a topic about this yet... Blog.cz - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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  • OhioMom - Space saving design

    I am a real gadget geek so I have a ton of USB devices that need charging but I never have enough USB outlets available. I also have pretty limited space on my desk - so this Zookki Fast 6-port USB Desktop charger is a great solution to both of those problems! I love its space saving design - you can have it stand up vertically in the enclosed holder. It also comes with a fairly long power cord - long enough to reach my surge protector on the floor next to my desk.

  • Martie - Grow Grow Grow

    Your hair will definitely grow! I have used it for about three months on my very curly biracial Afro American and Caucasian hair and it has made my hair grow very fast. It also has improved the condition of my hair tremendously. I also have noticed a significantly smoother texture now since I started using Dr Miracle.

  • T. B. - Five Stars!!!!

    The bonus disc has some amazing songs. If you're a fan of any of these singers, you need this collection.

  • Jeremiah Cody Brown - Love these shoes

    Love these shoes. I wear them almost every day and they still haven't warn out. I've had them for almost 6 months and they look good as new. Very comfortable and slim looking. I like that they aren't bulky and they're very light yet it gives great arch support.

  • bigg ace - so far so good

    The main reason I purchased this is because I had to unscrew the factory antenna everytime I went through the car wash. I only listen to satellite radio and have had no problems. I can't comment on fm radio. It appears sturdy enough to hold up. I personally prefer the look over the factory one.

  • Kindle Customer - Must read

    Yes Lucinda, great ending. Love this book and so happy that everyone was able to live happily at the end. Would love to read more about these characters

  • Amazon Customer - Dead Animal/Sweat/Poop/The Devils Breath

    This s*** definitely stinks (pun intended). I think the best reaction I got from this was when sprayed it in a styrofoam cup at work (I work at a restaurant) and then I left it on the corner of a table in the back. OH MY GOD LOL it was hard to keep a straight face as everyone began accusing each other of s***ting their pants, or saying everyone seriously needed deodorant (Because it smells like a concoction of both). Then I threw the old cup away and an hour later I sprayed a new one with it (and it stays concentrated in there for a while). I brought the cup to my boss and told him I think this is where the smell is coming from. He went on a total man hunt through the giant box of cups, trying to find a possible dead animal. That was a fun day.