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  • Longoria - Scary, don't read alone!!!!!

    You have got to read this author! He writes about what is going to happen during the tribulation. He is not just writing his own opinions; but his research is rather in depth with quotes from reliable sources like the bible. He is also a christian. His style of writing keeps the reader interested. I highly recommend all his books as well as sometimes co-author Chris Putnam.

  • Rose gerdeman - Be careful! I almost died.

    After taking this for only five days, I broke out in hives all over my body and ended up in the ER. I couldn't swallow or hardly breathe as the hives went into my esophagus . I spent a very miserable four days. Was so disappointed that this happened, but, just want everyone to know, this is not for everybody.

  • J. Oks - The lids are terrible

    No complaints about the saute or sauce pans, the lid design is terrible. Aside from the fact that the sealing mechanism doesn't seal properly, the whole setup is so flimsy one of my lids is completely unusable. My recommendation, is to avoid this set and look for a set with less fancy and more sturdy lids.

  • Kevin_ - Full of bugs, constantly has to be reinstalled to work. FAIL

    I purchased Word 2010 as part of Office 2010 suite. I have been using Word 2003 at home/work prior to that, although we use Outlook 2007 at work. I am used to the ribbon interface and don't mind it as I do think once you get used to it, it is an improvement over the previous interface. But my main gripe with Word 2010 and the entire Office 2010 suite (especially Outlook 2010) is that it is almost like beta software. It is full of bugs. I have had to reinstall Office 2010 at least 6 times. The software will be working, then all of a sudden every time you open the software, it tries to install it again. There seem to be a lot of conflicts running on a 64-bit operating system (I am on Win 7 64-bit).

  • Cynthia C - Perfect color!

    My favorite blush! I first sampled it from a monthly subscription then came here to buy the full sized product. Great color, great value!