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  • Kindle Lover - My favorite workout shoes

    I love these gym shoes I wear them at least 3 times a week. I've had them for over 1 year. I'm just beginning to have issues when running in these shoes.

  • Paula Davis-Hodgkin - I like this game very much

    I like this game very much. It make you think, and work hard to do the game. I would tell my friends about the game.

  • lakersfan - It came in a really nice package -- it was in a thin but strong ...

    I got this screen protector for my iPhone 6s. It came in a really nice package -- it was in a thin but strong plastic container. There was also a wet and dry cloth with it to clean my screen before putting on the screen protector. I like that they include this so I don't have to go find something to clean my screen with prior to putting the screen protector on, everything I need is right there. Unlike some other screen protectors, this one doesn't include a dust collector sticker, but that wasn't a big deal since they include the cloths to clean the screen. The box also has simple directions to put on the screen, and they were not at all complicated to understand. I was able to easily put on the screen protector on my phone. There are 2 little air bubbles left, but the box said those should go away in a couple days. The glass seems nice and sturdy (and I'm hoping I don't have to find out how well it works any time soon -- although I do drop my phone a little too often). I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest review.

  • R. Laryea - Dope album from my man J Cole definitely his best so far

    Dope album from my man J Cole definitely his best so far. He has mixed the sound of the 90's and some of the new hip hop sound very well in this new effort. I like how he has a story telling theme with this one. Way to go my man you've officially ripped NC correctly!