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  • Jane - Saved My Hair!

    I did alot of reading about this product before I decided to try it, mostly other people's experiences and reviews(

  • EileenL - Easy, peasy payroll

    I've been doing payroll for 35 years. Started with paper, pen and calculator until the first Quickbooks program came out. Several versions later handled up to 100 employees salaried and hourly with multi deductions for insurance, cafeteria plans, judgements, etc. It has never failed to make my life easier and comfortable that taxes are accurate.

  • Justin Bergeman - Not Bad but okay

    the product works but i don't like the fact that it turns off after so long when its done charging... i wish the blue lights would stay on and show that the batteries are full, it would bring more confidence in the batteries that ill be using in the field

  • Andrea D - Flex Ab Belt by Slendertone

    It works quite well...I mean you still need to watch what you eat, go to the gym, etc...but I have noticed more definition in my abs - dont get me wrong it's a miracle in a have to work at it by exercising and eating right. but it is a great tool to have too...I have been using it since early March and so many people have told me that I look alot thiner (I am a new mom and hade a C-section) but with this belt it's not so hard to take off the inches on your waist! Anyone that says it doesnt work is probably eating cupcakes and pizza, and not working out...

  • SupaCase - Buy local @ same price or damn close to.

    Dummy me could've gotten this for the same price at Walmart or a few cents more at Pepboys. Fine product overall.