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Chaffin Luhana LLP | A National Law Firm | Doing Good by Doing Right - Chaffin Luhana LLP, A National Law Firm. Leading PlaintiffÂ’s lawyers representing clients in all 50 states. Practice areas include mass torts, securities, and whistleblower cases. Founding partners, Eric Chaffin and Roopal Luhana, have an established record of success and leadership in the national plaintiffs' bar.

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  • twalkerw - Too Good to be True!!!!

    Listen up, Gal Pals: If you're anything like me--and I bet you are because we are all identical! ;) ;) - you hate the confusion and fear of trying to write with smelly, empowered man-pens. "How do I hold it?" you wonder. "What do I write on?", "What is math?" I hear you, girlfriend. Let's face it, using your husband's pen feels like wearing trousers when not on a bicycle or horseback--it's just wrong! For so long women everywhere have wondered, "Will there ever be a writing utensil for me?"

  • Derek Hunter - Bar's Leaks 1111 did not work on my 2003 Honda Civic

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic EX that developed a head gasket leak that allowed combustion gases to bubble into the cooling system, causing the engine to overheat. After flushing the radiator, having it pressure tested, replacing the thermostat and ECT sensor, and testing the water pump and radiator fans, the conclusion was that a head gasket leak was preventing proper circulation of the antifreeze. I added the Bar's product in incremental amounts (1.5 -- 2 ounces every 3 minutes) so as not to clog the radiator. I followed the instructions to the letter, allowing the engine to cool overnight before driving the car. The car did not overheat for two weeks, so I thought this stuff had worked. Two weeks to the day, however, the temperature needle began creeping up to the "H" again. My next step is to drain the radiator and try the Blue Devil product before biting the bullet for a new head gasket. I cannot endorse the Bar's Leaks 1111 product.

  • Kendel Christensen - Smart choice.

    Went to our doctor and they said these would be great. I'm a guy so I don't really SEE any differences yet (we are due in April! First kid, AHHHH!) but it does give a certain peace of mind to know that we are making some smart choices.

  • Dr. Tek - Tivo File Support, But Crippled at Best!

    Roxio is one of the ONLY programs out there that offer Tivo file support for editing and authoring. I bought 2012 with that in mind, but much to my surprise, the resolution is limited to 640X480. I've sent emails to BOTH Tivo and Roxio, and each one points to the other as the reason for the crippling. Roxio has had Tivo support for some time, albeit crippled.

  • G. Beardsl - So far I am impressed with this smart plug. The pairing procedure was quick and easy

    This review is written after only one day of use. So far I am impressed with this smart plug. The pairing procedure was quick and easy. Linking the plug to my echo was equally simple. They turn things on and off, and have so far work flawlessly. If they turn out to be reliable, I would buy again. One note, I wanted to put the smart plug on a switched outlet for bedroom lamps, of course my plugs are 'upside down' in this outlets, and the smart plug covered the second outlet, which i needed. a short extension cord fixed the issue.

  • J. K. Porcher - DO NOT BUY!!!

    Not sure if I got a defective model or what but after using the heat gun for 15-20 minutes on day one then after about 10 mins on day two the motor ran a little faster then started to slow down and began to smoke. I turned it off and waited about 30 minutes then tried it again and it wouldn't even try to come on. Big waste of money. I paid $20 for this like an idiot.