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  • Melody Guerrero - Labels are different... why?

    I purchased two bottles - from two different sellers on Amazon. one bottle read "Dilute 4 drop in 4 fl. oz of liquid". The second bottle read "Dilute 8 drop in 4 fl oz of liquid". I'm not sure why that is - they look identical. I hope i have the real deal. One was for me the other for a co-worker. She loves the product - reminds of yoga & a spa...

  • Becky Wise - Perfect for capturing the moment!

    We had a party and I wanted to catch our friends in an unassuming video. If they knew they were being recorded, they would have acting differently, and I wanted to capture the moments with their true behaviors. This pen allowed me to do just that! My video was a success and my friends were all amazed that I was able to that without the slightest suspicion! But beware of those who need to use an ink pen and ask to borrow yours!!

  • Alex Balinao - Love this product and the whole CeraVe line

    Love this product and the whole CeraVe line. CeraVe is recommended by dermatologists for not having any chemicals or artificial colors or dyes in their products, and the result is evident. Since discovering CeraVe a couple years ago, I don't use anything else on my skin. I have tried every lotion out there prior to finding CeraVe (Aveeno, Olay, Hempz, etc.) and this is by far the best. The technology that they use is built around ceramides, which lock in the moisture to your skin before it ever leaves. Great for even acne-prone or problem skin, as it is very light yet effective. I do wish their bottles were such that you could get every bit of the product out (like their tubs of body lotion and cream), but will continue to buy this product because I believe in it!

  • C. Herzog - My Resolution...

    From now on, when the local news comes to interview me about drug arrests and sewage problems in my neighborhood, I will wear this shirt instead of the stained "Tigger" shirt I previously wore on such occasions.

  • Josh - Avoid this program.

    Did not like this product at all. It is not very user friendly and does not interface very well with any internet program except Google Chrome (which sucks because I use Internet Explorer, and Mozilla for school) so I constantly have to disable it for anything else to work. All of the options like safe money, anti-banner, virtual keyboard etc. do not work for 'again' any of the other internet programs except Google Chrome. It almost feels like you are being forced to use Google Chrome, I don't have anything against it, I am just more comfortable using Mozilla. For a program that came to me so highly rated I have been very disapointed. I will be switching to a different security program just as soon as I can find something better.

  • Vandopsis - Waste of my time and energy

    This software is terrible. I have been trying to use it for something other than the very basic functions and it fails every time. Don't waste your time or money on this garbage. Yes you can put points on a map. End of story. No usable functionality other than points on a map.

  • shirley taul - Overall impressed!

    I have been using Finale for years and I get more and more impressed with each new edition. It makes scoring much, much easier and so much more. I am so impressed with the many things I can do with my music using this software. I highly recommend it to any composers and scorers out there!