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Renova - Gestão e Desenvolvimento Humano - A Renova oferece cursos e atua na gestão de recursos humanos. Alguns serviços são: Agência de Empregos; Cursos profissionalizantes; Coaching; Pesquisas de Opinião; Treinamento e Palestras.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -46.6289 Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Sara - Suzanna Somers Thigh Master

    I was surprised that I did not like it.,,reviews were pretty good but I was disapointed, and returned it. I thought this one was the best and made well but it wasent...This product could be improved.

  • Paul M. - Good product, but pricey for what you get.

    This review of 3 stars is due to the size and number of packages in the box. Compared to other Amazon offering for variety packs, taking price into consideration, I do not consider this a good value. The cookies and crackers are tasty, just not a top value.

  • J. Stevens - I was skeptical of "supplements" but this one actually worked!

    I had heard for years about "probiotics" and "digestion balance" and usually ignored the entire idea that probiotics (ingesting bacteria) would have any effect at all. I have had digestive issues my entire life and recently it developed into Ulcerated Colitis / IBS, a truly debilitating condition. I tried to manage the condition with laxatives and Imodium, as necessary, but this only helped after problems arose and I never knew when an "attack" might come.

  • Robert Carson - Poor design and consstruction, broke after one use.

    Good concept, good sound, poor design and construction. The ear pieces would keep falling out, even with trying the three different sized foam covers. The last time if fell the back broke off the earpiece and would not snap back in place. It was past the deadline to return so they were sent to the trash bin.

  • Bcrit9 - Love this mirror !!!!

    I bought this for our second car and I was able to install it in under 1 minute ! The mirror is wide and I am able to see my baby's face and whole body !!!! He's 16 months old keep in mind. It is very secure and I crash safe. We love this so much we might throw our other one out and replace it with another ones of these.

  • latasha - Vapor Rub

    I can't really say if it works or not but please READ the reviews that states it smell like VAPOR RUB! It does "burn" a little once added to the hair. However; like a lot of the reviews stated... It did NOT leave my hair greasy. If you add just a small amount as indicated on the instructions then you shouldn't have problems( well I didn't)

  • MsKahuna - Nice, gentle liver cleanse

    I found these to be gentle. Generally, I have sensitivity issues with herbal products; this was not a problem for me (used for a short period of time).