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  • Bill - Car averages 38 miles per hour city/highway driving nice looking car handles well has good pick up for ...

    2016 Mazda 3 purchased in late 2015 no major issues had to bring it to the dealer for a factory don't recall the reason I believe it was a software update issue. Car averages 38 miles per hour city/highway driving nice looking car handles well has good pick up for a four cylinder. Really have no complaints or issues. Has about 30,000 miles no issues so far so good.

  • Mr. Fix-it - Look great and decent quality for aftermarket covers.

    Look just like the original covers on my 2008 Camry after attaching the Toyota logos bought separately. Hope they hold up, but the cold temperatures usually crack the ABS plastic gripping tabs that hold them on after a few years.

  • DeRome - Good Chlorine

    These Chlorine Tablets really do a good job. They are not the cheapie ones you buy at Walmart . They last longer and do a better job for a price that you can't beat. Thank You In the Swim and Thank you Amazon.

  • Charlotte Costello - Works Great

    This is as advertised. Fits the windshield perfectly. However it is really LARGE, even when rolled up. A bit unwieldy to install due to its size, but worth it.

  • Curtis - Smaller than expected, but also brighter than expected. ...

    Smaller than expected, but also brighter than expected. You use a paper clip or the provided "key" to enable the light. I wasn't able to mount it right away because it was -6 degrees outside so it just sat on the table for a few days. Someone accidentally pushed it off the table and it dropped about 30" to laminate flooring. Hasn't worked since. I haven't opened it up yet to see if one of the solder nodes popped off. This shouldn't be a problem if you mount it, but just mount it in a place that won't get hit by anything hard. I purchased this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • Robert - Easing from a PC to an Apple product

    It was the only way to go when I switched from a PC to an IMac. I had 20 years of documents on my PC and once this product was downloaded to my IMac, I am still able to access my documents and pictures without reformatting them one by one. I am computer literate but not a computer wiz. I needed the program and it works for me. There is still a learning curve since the display of document files is quite different to what I'm used to.

  • Christina Russell - Great Case

    I really like this case. It's a slim case, so I don't feel it makes my phone bulky or large looking like other protective cases. It gives good protection, especially with the rubber on the corners. It's pretty good and it makes my white iPhone look really nice! :)