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1stPet Veterinary Centers in Arizona - 1stPet Veterinary Centers provides annual check ups & advanced or emergency care. Come to our locations in Chandler, the North Valley, or Mesa, AZ.

  • http://1stpetvet.com/emergency/in-case-of-emergency/ Emergency Veterinary Services | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - Call 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, first for emergency veterinary services. No appointment is needed, just come to one of our three locations.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/emergency/what-to-expect/ Emergency Expectations | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - Pet emergencies can be just as scary as human ones. The 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, is there for you. Let us handle emergency expectations.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/emergency/icu-they-have-a-bc-criticalist/ Critical Care & ICU | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - 1stPet Veterinary Centers' ICU is fully-staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As an accredited American Animal Hospital, trust us for superior care.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-pet-owners/pet-health-care/#1 Poison Control | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - Think your pet has ingested a poisonous substance? Call our hotline on 1stPet Veterinary Centers pet health care page for poison control in Phoenix, AZ.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/emergency/faqs/ Emergency FAQs | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - Have questions? Get them answered with 1stPet Veterinary Centers' emergency FAQs page. Call us at one of our three locations in Phoenix, AZ, to answer more.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/primary-care/ Primary Care | 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ - Aside from emergency care, we also provide preventative and primary care all year long to the Phoenix, AZ area. Make an appointment today!
  • http://1stpetvet.com/vaccinations/ Dog Vaccinations in Mesa, AZ | 1st Pet Veterinary - Among other services, we provide puppy shots in Mesa, AZ. It’s not fun but it’s got to be done - and we’ll do it for you. Just bring him/her in!
  • http://1stpetvet.com/allergies/ Help Your Dog's Allergies in Mesa, AZ | 1st Pet Veterinary - At 1stPet Veterinary, we know how to properly diagnose and treat allergies in dogs in Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas. Bring your dog in for an exam.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/pet-dentistry/ Pet Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ | 1st Pet Vet - Looking for dog teeth cleaning for your pet? 1stPet provides pet dentistry in Phoenix and Mesa, AZ. Contact our dog and cat dentist today!
  • http://1stpetvet.com/spay-and-neuter/ Spay and Neuter Your Pets in Phoenix, AZ | 1st Pet Vet - Are you looking to spay and neuter your pets in Phoenix, AZ? Stop by 1st Pet Veterinary Centers. Our services are professional and safe for your pets.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/ear-infections/ Dog Ear Infection Treatment in Phoenix, AZ | 1st Pet Vet - 1st Pet Veterinary Centers provides dog ear infection treatment in Phoenix, AZ. Make an appointment today for prompt diagnosis and treatment.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/primary-care/pet-diagnostics/ Pet Diagnostics Services in Phoenix, AZ ' 1st Pet - If your pet is ill, come to 1st Pet Veterinary Centers for pet diagnostics services in Phoenix, AZ. We offer many tests to effectively treat your pet.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/primary-care/pet-diarrhea/ Pet Diarrhea Treatment in Phoenix, AZ ' 1st Pet VeterinaryCenters - If your pet needs treatment for diarrheain Phoenix, AZ,call 1st Pet VeterinaryCenters. We offercompletetesting and pet diarrheatreatment for dogsand cats.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/primary-care/pet-eye-care-services-phoenix-az/ Pet Eye Care Services in Phoenix, AZ ' 1st Pet VeterinaryCenters - When you need peteyecareservices for your dog orcat in Phoenix, AZ,call 1st Pet VeterinaryCenters today for diagnosisand treatment.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/primary-care/pet-microchips/ Pet Microchipping in Phoenix, AZ ' 1st Pet Veterinary Centers - Pet microchipping in Phoenix, AZ provides you with peace of mind. Unlike dog tags, microchips can't fall off or be removed. Call us for more information.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/pet-vomiting/ Pet Vomiting Treatment ' Phoenix, AZ ' 1st Pet Veterinary Centers - If your pet starts throwing up, don't worry. Visit 1st Pet Veterinary Centers for quick pet vomiting treatment. We serve Tempe, AZ and all surrounding cities.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/pet-euthanasia/ Pet Euthanasia in Phoenix, AZ ' 1st Pet Veterinary Centers - Saying goodbye is never easy, but when the time comes, compassionate pet euthanasia can put an end to your pet's pain and suffering. Choose our Mesa, AZ facility.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-pet-owners/ Information For Pet Owners | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - Whether your pet need shots or emergency care, 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, is there. Discover information for pet owners here.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-pet-owners/client-help-desk/ Client Help Desk | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, helps you keep your pet at their best. Let our client help desk help you keep track of exams and more.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/wellness/ Puppies and Kittens Plans | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, offers vaccinations for puppies and kittens to protect them from diseases. Make an appointment with us today!
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-pet-owners/pet-loss/ Pet Loss | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - 1stPet Veterinary Centers understands the decision to euthanize your friend will not be easy. We're here to help Phoenix, AZ, pet owners through a pet loss.
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-pet-owners/faqs/ Veterinarian FAQs | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - Want to know more about 1stPet Veterinary Centers? Read our veterinarian FAQs online or give one of our three locations around Phoenix, AZ, a call!
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-pet-owners/how-did-we-do/ Customer Feedback | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - 1stPet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, welcomes your comments and any customer feedback on the care you received! Please email us at [email protected].
  • http://1stpetvet.com/for-veterinarians/ For Veterinarians | 1stPet of Phoenix, AZ - At 1st Pet Veterinary Centers in Phoenix, AZ, our veterinarians look forward to partnering with you or providing care for your patients. Learn more here.

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    I recently compared this item to Advocare Citrizinc. Same ingredients exactly and has no artifical colors/preservatives. I think this product helped us get thru cold/flu season without any major sicknesses. I use it as a preventive and have my kids take 1/day unless they catch a cold, then I up it to two/day.

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    I've tried other products from this company and had mixed results due to skin reactions to some of the products. It's the curse of sensitive skin I guess. I have not had any skin reactions from this brightening pearl mask. The mask is easy to apply and very relaxing. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I purchased this product at a discount with the intention to leave my honest and unbiased review and I would be willing to purchase this product at full price.

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  • Valerie - Code Brown

    Years ago I read the reviews about these hell bears and laughed hysterically at the bowel disruptions they caused. I made a mental note never to became a victim of these laxi-bears.