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Love Means Second ChancesWhat’s the only thing that could tear apart three generations of women in a Catholic family in 1991 Brooklyn, New York? Abortion. After becoming pregnant when antibiotics cancel out the pill, Christy, a Julliard student with plans to become an opera singer, decides to keep her abortion a secret. She knows her mother, Carole, will go ballistic if she ever finds out. Carole never considered abortion when she became pregnant with Christy in 1972, even though it was then legal in New York State. Instead, Carole married and gave up her dream of becoming a nurse. Fortunately, her mother-in-law, Mary Louise, took Carole in after her father disowned her for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Mary Louise, whose primary desire is to support whatever the woman wants, acts as a bridge between Christy and Carole as they struggle to find common ground. Love Means Second Chances provocatively explores themes of love and loss, yearning and abandonment, forgiveness and acceptance as mothers and daughters emerge from this crisis to find new beginnings. Moj svet

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