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  • Terri Hoffman Curtis - Gripping, thought provoking

    Erica Sparks is a top-rated cable network newscaster who suspects that the Democratic Presidential candidate has been brainwashed by the Chinese. Now the Chinese are manipulating events to make sure he is elected as the next President of the United States. Erika sets out to find out who the players are in this conspiracy and reveal them to the public before election day.

  • Many Words - Word is not ready. Use Pages.

    I bought this for a new macbook with Mountain Lion. It worked fairly well until I started working on a larger, complex document with several pictures and text boxes. It failed and took my whole system down... completely locked up, all data lost... manual powerdown required. I was not allowed to save my document and could never get the document off the screen. It was a disaster that put me back hours. Like a fool, I started working on the document again, and saved the document but was told it could not be saved because the file was corrupt and I had to define a new file. Did this a couple of times and it locked up again. Third time, same thing. Went to Pages. No comparison. Pages is refined and works great. It imported the docx file and handled it easier and cleaner than Word ever thought of. Saved it ... no problem. Exported it to Word format and there were some errors, but I really didn't care... just made a PDF for those who don't have the ability to read Pages.

  • Marie Antionette - awesome. I used to pay my chiro big bucks ...

    awesome. I used to pay my chiro big bucks for this. Put the electrodes on a sore muscle and it will pulse until the muscle relaxes. If you put it all the way up be ready for some rough and tumble therapy

  • garkin - They really need to work on allowing people to enter their serial numbers without setting up an account.

    Good software, but a terrible activation system. I had to register the product and set up an account before I could activate it, since the initial activation page does not allow you to enter the entire product serial number and it said that my serial number was invalid until I completed the registration and was able to enter the entire product serial number.

  • masutr - I used Olay products all my life which was great until I entered my 50's at which point I ...

    I used Olay products all my life which was great until I entered my 50's at which point I needed something a bit more aggressive. I tried the entire line of costly Algenist products as they purportedly are easier on sensitive skin. It is true that I had no problems with sensitivity but I also had little measurable results. I decided I had to give a retinol product a try and after researching hundreds of reviews, settled on roc. I experienced just a bit of dryness and redness the first couple of weeks that I easily managed by applying a non retinol face cream before the roc. This did the trick and after the first month, it was no longer necessary as any sensitivity issues had disappeared. I now use the whole line of roc products and love them all. It has been almost a year and there is a definite improvement. The more fine lines around the eyes have completely softened. Thanks to the summers at the Jersey Shore with minimal sunscreen, I had some deeper forehead wrinkles to handle. The roc products have definitely minimized those areas too. I doubt that there is any product short of surgery or Botox that would produce a more dramatic result. I do carefully select my makeup products and use blurring potions such as Lancome Visionnaire 1 minute blur and L'oreal moisture blur and eye blur. These products are

  • sunwoo - which is sad because i read the reviews for this one and ...

    it didn't do anything for me, and began to break me out. i had to switch to my neutrogena moisturizer after using this for a couple weeks, which is sad because i read the reviews for this one and everyone seemed to love it.

  • Christina Nacchia - Uhhhhmazing

    This is the best detox out there! I love this tea. I've tried others and nothing tastes or works quite like this. It's tasty, kind of floral. I hate tea btw. It comes in little satiny pouches making it fancy, to boot. I definitely felt great doing the detox . Can't say if I lost weight from it, because I'm very physically active with multiple beach body programs and I generally watch my diet, but I did feel a decrease in appetite and felt great when I drank it. Did the 28 days 2 months ago and looking foward to my next month.