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Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai | Luxury Interior Design Company Dubai - 4Space is a multi-award winning interior design and architecture firm in Dubai. We work with local residents and global companies to create beautiful spaces.

  • http://4space.ae/retail/ Commercial Retail Interior Design Companies in Dubai | Shop Interior Design - 4Space’s retail interior design creates modern, beautiful spaces for commercial ventures across UAE and the region. Contact us today on +971 4 438 5537.
  • http://4space.ae/residential/ Home Interior Designers Dubai | Residential and Villa Interior Design Companies - The most liveable, beautiful homes take the most careful design and the highest standard of quality. Rely on 4Space’s interior design services in Dubai. 
  • http://4space.ae/4space-wins-the-golden-european-award/ 4SPACE wins the Golden European Award in Barcelona - 4Space wins the Golden European Award for Quality and Business Prestige for outstanding business achievements in interior design sphere.
  • http://4space.ae/4space-in-restaurant-bar-design-awards-london/ Restaurant & Bar Design Awards - A wonderful week we had in London, to attend the awards ceremony of Restaurant & Bar Design Awards which we were shortlisted for Yasmeen Al Sham Restaurant
  • http://4space.ae/4space-interior-design-to-receive-a-prestigious-arabian-property-award/ 4SPACE INTERIOR DESIGN TO RECEIVE A PRESTIGIOUS ARABIAN PROPERTY AWARD - 4SPACE INTERIOR DESIGN TO RECEIVE A PRESTIGIOUS ARABIAN PROPERTY AWARD, an Award for Leisure Interior Dubai for its Al Hamidieh Restaurant.
  • http://4space.ae/4space-interior-design-wins-luxury-lifestyle-awards-2015/ 4SPACE Interior Design wins Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 - 4SPACE Interior Design wins Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 for interior design company of the United Arab Emirates
  • http://4space.ae/4space-interior-design-wins-bizz-2016-award-washington-d-c-usa/ 4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award in Washington D.C. - 4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award 4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award , taking the name of United Arab Emirates to the highest level.

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  • Daniel Gin - Wired to wireless

    After a couple months of owning this I had to come back and review this. In my car I've installed an aftermarket radio which has no bluetooth but it does have an aux port and when I saw that I realized how easily that problem could be solved. Having a wire run from the radio to the device is just messy and would rather have music just stream through my phone. I had no trouble connecting this with an iPhone 6 plus and running spotify or anything. The aukey portable bluetooth receiver also has forward, back, pause, and play functionality so you don't have to reach for your phone while driving to skip to the next song which is crazy convenient. I recommend this to anybody.

  • Georgiasgoods - Only buy this product if you have hay for Hair

    I bought this to save money on buying the Morrocan Oil which the ingrediants are supposed to be the same but NO.. Every since I started using this stuff my hair is really oily, flat, and has static like crazy, Im not sure what to do other then buy expensive hair care to fix it but then when you dont put it on your hair gets so dry and looks horribly unhealthy. I NEVER have had problems with my hair but my best friend thats a hair stylist introduced me to the Morrocan oil and I loved it, it kept my hair moisturized and silky smooth and no static and my curls would lasts much longer when applying it right out the shower. This product cannot even be considered a cheap generic version of Morrocan Oil it just doesn't cut it. That's how bad it is.. Returned it after having it for 2 weeks (I tried giving it a chance to work).. REFUND PLEASE!!

  • Shefeline - Preventing split ends and giving me silky strands since 2003

    This is hands down the best leave-in treatment on the market and has been for many years. Even since I was a teenager my hair would grow to about 6-8in past my shoulders and start splitting all over, forcing me to cut it, and no fancy product seemed to help. Then back in 2003 I worked as a hair product consultant/salesgirl in this giant Beauty Supply store which carried more hair brands that you ever knew existed. People gasped when they would walk in. I learned a lot about hair there and got to try a huge number of products, including Biosilk Serum which I have been using since then. It prevents split ends, dentangles my fine hair without leaving it greasy or weighted down, and leaves it silky smooth and soft. People always ask me what I'm using when they touch my hair. Over the decade that I have been using this, I have occasionally tried other similar silicone-based serums, from Biolage to Chi to Paul Mitchell to KMS to RUSS and many others I can't even remember now. And nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to Biosilk!!! I've ran out a few times and stopped using it and before long the hair gets dry, splitends-y, and a horrible tangled mess.

  • Tanya Johnson - nice book

    when I compare to the older version at class, this is nice and I love it, it does not have the exacty wording a the older ones, but that's expected, cus its newer.

  • Michelle Philpot - My husband uses this daily as he takes a train ...

    My husband uses this daily as he takes a train to work. His ice pack is still icy when he gets home:) it has also seemed to have held up perfectly!

  • Lawrence Wegeman, Jr. - WORKS FOR ME

    I would NEVER USE CLR TO RINSE OUT A COFFEE MAKER. USE VINEGAR FOR THAT. Also, use generic bleach in place of Drano. Bleach is easier on metal pipes and a lot cheaper.