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  • Lyssa - great so far

    I have been taking realdose for to lose a few pounds and I can honestly say that I LOVE THIS STUFF AND IT WORKS. Everybody has different body chemistries, so what works for some people may not work for others. It is about genetics too. All I can say is that if you plan on making a lifestyle change, like eating healthy (following Steve fat loss program) and take the pills and exercise, it should work. It may just be a slower process for you than other people. When I started to take realdose I did not see a big difference right away, until I started to follow his fat loss plan, is when I saw a HUGE difference. I was already eating healthy and working out before taking realdose and I was not losing any weight, but I was combining my foods and fruits all wrong and I would eat a smoothie every morning, but you have to make sure that you are only using fruits that are not high in sugar, like blueberries, strawberries, pomegrante, cherries, grapefruits these are the best fruits for smoothies but you can't over do it either. Once I started to just read his plan and just stick to it like my Bible, my body only craved the good foods that is on his plan. I am so happy that I made a decision to take realdose and to take the power back over my body, now I know what I am putting into my body everyday and that make me feel better. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

  • C. Bowser - Doubtful that product is real when glasses broke after 3rd wear.

    I really liked the look of the glasses...until a lens popped out. I think I will just stick to $10 sunglasses. They never seem to break or get lost.

  • Casey woolums - I love to decorate for holidays

    I love to decorate for holidays. I usually only decorate with solar powered lights. These lights are very bright. They work so good. There a beautiful color of blue. You can tell there bats to from far away or up close!!! These lights are so beautiful. Everyone loves the beautiful color. They can be seen far away to. I will be ordering another set soon. My children tell me everyday Mommi I like the lights so pretty. I like to save money as well so it's a major plus that these lights are solar powered. Thanks for such an awesome product

  • Cutler - Good for people trying to get to the 70th percentile ...

    Good for people trying to get to the 70th percentile I guess. If you're trying to polish up those last few question you miss on each test this is not for you. Of the roughly 4/20 I was missing each time half of them were impossible or ambiguous questions. That is just a preparation in frustration. The actual GRE was slightly harder but much better written.

  • Mary P. Ferguson - Life saver in more ways than one

    We were at the hospital visit a very sick friend. His family including 4 grandchildren were there (ages 3 - 10) They were getting restless, so out came my new Kindle Touch. It is always with me. Fired it up, turns out the hospital has an open wi-fi. Quickly searched and found this for $.99. Downloaded in an instant. In minutes I had the kids distracted with the unique, but wholesome stories. By the third story the older ones had the Kindle figured out and took over. Great stories, much like fables but think based on Indian stories. Kids had never heard them yet wholesome teaching stories. Great for all ages.