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  • Posh - And the OSCAR goes to Stone Crop Gel Wash!!!!!!!

    This is the best gel wash for sensitive and dry skin. The smell is intoxicating! Stone Crop Gel leaves your skin refreshed, clean and balanced. There is no drying feeling whatsoever. Highly recommend for a daily cleanser!

  • Allen - Best bike for the money (18 yr old male)

    The 2015 HASA R4 Road Bike is one of the best bikes you can purchase at this price. This bike is equipped with tons of Shimano parts which are known to be the best bike parts. The aluminum frame is lightweight and has a lifetime guarantee on it. This bike is easy to assemble. Just look at youtube videos to learn how to do the cables. It was easy for me and I'm not even a bike expert. Fastest I driven on a flat with this bike was 30mph in a tailwind. Brakes work very well. Good bike for the money. I am also 5'7 with a 30'' inseam and 52'' fits me very well.

  • C. L. Tompkins - Works for an hour

    I use this twice a day, morning and night after brushing and tongue scraping. When I wake up I still have morning breath but the edge is gone. When I use it in the morning before I leave for work, my breath is minty fresh for an hour then it is back to the same bad breath. I tried using the BreathRx mints but they work for about fifteen minutes before I need another one. Not a quick fix as advertised and definitely not effective as advertised.

  • Vishal - Delicious Taste, Smooth Consistency, Great Value! Best Protein Shake I've Had!

    I'll start off by saying I'm not a weightlifter, nor am I training for the Olympics or anything like that. I'm an average guy who tries to go to the gym two to three times a week just to stay healthy and in shape. I'm not too big into using things like whey protein, creatine, or any of those "muscle building" type of powders and supplements. In fact, I try not to take anything at all. I wanted to put on some weight as well as increase my body/muscle size, but I wanted to do it naturally. And I wasn't looking to get huge or ripped or anything like that; just wanted to have a better body than what I currently had, lol. I don't like putting unnecessary or unhealthy things in my body.

  • Daniel Gualberto - Exceeded my expectations

    Previously I had an Edge 500, that after many years started to malfunction. Decided to go to 820 mainly by its size and navigation features. My impressions about 820 after some rides: Acquires GPS signal very fast. The touchscreen works flawlessly. Very easy to configure and operate (thanks to the touchscreen). Plenty of space for maps. The screen is easily visible during the day even with backlight off. The battery seems to last more than 15h if you turn of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and backlight (haven't fully tested, but the progression indicates so). Accepts GPX routes.

  • ella d goodwin - Grammy!!!!!!

    I loved this CD--I always watch the grammys on TV, then I have to get the CD, because it helps me remember the performances and this CD did not disappoint--Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!