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  • terrin22 - Love shorter antenna!

    Has worked fine for my use of the radio. I use my ipod a lot, so don't rely on the radio that much. It's great to have a low-frame antenna rather than that tall, ugly one that came with our van. It was simple to install.

  • J. M. Ca girl - I cannot recommend this for older women

    I cannot recommend this for older women. You might lose your balance and break a hip. Also people with lower back problems. Use at your own risk! Not as easy at they make it look!

  • CallMeChaz - Not a universal oil...use with discretion

    LS stand for limited-slip. However, that doesn't mean it will work with your LS system. I used it in my 2002 Tundra, and quickly developed a shudder when making a tight turn from a standing start. In fairness, my Tundra is not spec'd out for any synthetic oil. My clutch pack is binding. Some Tundra users say this oil works with theirs, others say it works when 4 to 8 ounces of various friction additives are used. Still others say the additive did not help, or not for very long. I'll try the additive, but will likely go back to standard LS oil if it continues. Continued shuddering can damage your clutch pack! Using too much additive will cause too much slippage, and you will lose the benefit of your LS differential

  • spikefromspace - Not the Best.. But still great book.

    I am currently going through this book as part of my MBA curriculum. My MBA program is a top-ranked program rated by BusinessWeek and USNews and my professor is really intelligent and has a lot of experience in the finance industry. While the professor is a great lecturer, this book really nails in the basic concepts and breaks down the complex concepts. It is important to pace yourself in this book i.e. if you nothing about finance, really focus on the first six chapters first and make sure you understand them before moving. Or, if you are a finance expert looking to refresh your memory, skip the first six chapters, and then read the rest in greater detail depending on which topic you are looking to refresh.

  • Mary Ann Boulette - One of best books on Bill Clinton

    I have read almost everything written about Bill and Hillary Clinton. This book by Joe Conason is by far one of the best. It is neither a pro or anti Clinton book, it just tells the story as it happened a well written and entertaining narrative. It tells of problems as well as successes. President Clinton has done a lot for the entire world since leaving office and not enough people know this. The book will be one that I will give as gifts this Christmas.