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  • Larry Underwood - Reliving a Magical Season

    For Cardinals fans still floating on cloud nine after St Louis polished off the Texas Rangers in Game Seven of the 2011 World Series, this marvelously crafted film recounting the most improbable championship season in franchise history should keep the euphoria at a fever pitch through the long off-season, and beyond.


    This is NOT a review about the product, but a review about the seller. The seller misleadingly labled this product as a Veggie Wash, so I bought it and paid more money for it then the other two bottles of Basic-H2 that I bought from another seller. There is NO such thing from Shaklee as a Veggie Wash, so don't be fooled by this seller's desciption. When I compared all three bottles, they were exactly the same. None of them made any reference to being a Veggie Wash. This seller should really remove this description. I was very unhappy with my purchase, especially the price.

  • Paula G. - Read This Book -- You'll reap rewards!

    This well written book opened my eyes to a great new pathway to health. I have already reaped benefits in 11 days. My teeth are whiter, mouth is noticeably cleaner and gums feel happy. I cannot wait to get to my dental hygiene checkup this Thursday and get oohs and ahs!

  • Fzzz - Shoes are great for walking and are very light

    Shoes are great for walking and are very light. They are not as great for standing in one spot though, since the sole is on the thin size. I would also recommend ordering a size up since the shoe is a slip on. I really like that the shoe has a removable insole so that if you need some more support, you can add your own in.