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  • Michael Kizer - Magic bottle WORKED for me!

    I have a 2004 Ford Escape 3.0L V6 truck with 3 catalytic CA legal converters. I had no check engine light, but had some serious power issues due to back pressure in the exhaust caused by clogged cats. Here in CA, the front two are $750 ea. just for the parts, the last is $250. I watched 2 YouTube videos showing this product not working, so I had very little faith in a magic bottle, but since in was only $25 out of a possible $2000 bill I decided to try it. I bought 2 bottles. HOLY CRAP!!! I only used one bottle, and even spilled 1/4 of it. I put it in at a quarter tank of gas, and drove the car kinda hard to try and get the exhaust hot and NO KIDDING it worked !!!! Within 10 min. I felt the clog break. I continued to drive another 20 miles and filled the tank up with gas. I even climbed some up some mountain roads just to see if the extra load would cause the car to bog down. Nope, I honestly think the truck runs better than it ever has since being bought at the used car dealership. I honestly don't even believe that this worked, but it did and I have to give it 5 stars. Try it before you spend a ton of money on your car. I'm not saying it will work for everybody, but it really did save me a lot of money.

  • Dana Bohlen - Didn't work at all

    I bought this in hopes that it would help me along with my weight loss endeavors...but to no avail :( I'm not sure that it worked on my as a carb inhibitor at all actually! I still had carb cravings and thought this was suppose to help curb that. I just had to rely on good ole will power!

  • Dean Q Public - Don't buy!

    Do not buy this product with a repeat buying option from the company. They will overcharge you more than you agreed to. And when you cancel they will keep charging you. I did not buy this from Amazon, but bought it through the company. They are a scam, in my opinion. Also, I saw no major whitening improvement.

  • John K. - If you want to edit music you have to download ...

    If you want to edit music you have to download their sound programs that are free, don't know if you can do it free or have to order the burner anyway.

  • Arbat - Strap broke after a few uses

    I bought the small and medium bags about a year ago. The small bag was perfectly sized for carry-on luggage and I loved the large exterior pockets, the ingenious double-strap backpack conversion system, and its great looks. Unfortunately, it's another great design foiled by single point-of-failure cheap materials. After only a few uses, the plastic squeezable bracket that secures one of the straps to a metal tab broke. I thought to swap it with one from the medium bag I had bought, but the straps cannot be removed and the plastic part that broke cannot be removed or replaced either. So now it can't be used in backpack mode and I fear it's only a matter of time until the remaining strap suffers a similar fate, especially now that it bears the full load.

  • KJHalvy - Love it. I wish I had more slots in ...

    Love it. I wish I had more slots in my computer so I could buy more of it. I almost feel guilty for paying so little, that's how good and reliable this memory is. Crucial is my singular go-to for memory, and as usual, they didn't disappoint.

  • Bargain Hunter - Great right out of the box!

    I just installed this tv in my master bedroom. It took less than 10 minutes! Picture/sound are great right out of the box! Hopefully it will be a good purchase. I've only been watching it for about an hour.