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  • Algunas Alli instrucciones para seguir con el tratamiento - Las Alli instrucciones basicas para poder ver los resultados esperados en el tiempo que usted quiera. En la unica pagina
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  • Rachel K. - Covers every little inch.

    Well I don't know how well it works... yet. Will update. Believe me, cover everything u don't want to get this on. The dust goes everywhere. One bottle did about 500 sq. Feet for me. Just got done applying. Makes a giant mess but I am optimistic. Now I don't have any pets and must have picked up some fleas from the neighbors dogs, so we didn't have tons of fleas to begin with. For the last month I have been trying salt and borax and vacuuming like crazy. Basically only see 2 or 3 fleas a day, but that is still too many. I'll update after 24 hours or so.

  • Amazon Customer - Her life is worth it

    I decided to try this product because my mother's liver needs support. It has all of the herbal supplements in it I've been searching for. Its packaging was clean and clear. Its information concise and descriptive. If it does as well for my mom as for others taking it, I'm a client for life.

  • Khloes Mom - Great Serum

    I love that this is a nice light serum. It soaks into my skin super quick and doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky residue behind. I have been using hyaluronic serums for quite a while and this is one of my favorite brands. I like that it has natural and organic ingredients and also contains vitamin C and E. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to try hyaluronic serums for the first time or anyone interested in trying an awesome brand.

  • Bradley Pon - I got fake ones...Check them upon receiving

    I ordered these for my girlfriend because she wanted ones with darker lenses. When the came in the mail, I immediately compared them to her original ones because I was skeptical after having read all the stories about the fake ones out there. I had done my homework...and these would have easily passed as "real" if my girlfriend had bought them herself and didn't think twice. The cheap plastic frame was scratched above the left lens, and there was no engraved "RB" on the lens. The frame on the new ones look and feel more "toy-store" made as if they were from a large production factory; compared to the sturdier, handmade frames of the original ones. Don't get fool paying good money. Make sure you're getting the real deal.

  • Regina F. Love - Very fast so far. I have only owned HP ...

    Very fast so far. I have only owned HP but the last HP only lasted 1 1/2 year and went through 2 Hard drives and finally died...Calling HP is pointless ...Asus is so willing to help which is why I ended up going with them. So far I am loving this!

  • Tonya Elliott - Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture

    Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture. Setup was fast and easy. Most difficult part of set up was getting the code to work on my universal remote. It has good options for picture quality adjustments and sound adjustments. When watching sports it brings the sportscaster voice to the front and the crowd noise is in the background. Picture is crisp and clear.