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  • Alto_Girl - Glass stove top is like new again!!

    I've heard of Shaklee mom's generation but never ave it a second thought. Then when we moved into our new home the builder gave us a glass top cleaner for our kitchen stove. I tried it and it didn't work well. Thought maybe it was user error. Called the customer service number on the bottle and i was using it properly.

  • Debra C. - J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2014

    I found this useful in understanding unfamiliar tax terms and in having tax tables readily available without having to sit at a computer all day.

  • djdisturbed - Shotty usb connector

    Had it a month and the USB connector is already messed up. Not secured well inside of unit causing it to become iffy, have to push the USB cable in just right to get it to connect (tried with several different cables)

  • Kindle Customer - The game play itself is typical lego for good or for bad

    The game play itself is typical lego for good or for bad. The kids think is awesome. What is NOT awesome is that the game will periodically corrupt the saved game and delete all of the kids progress. This leads to angry small children. So in exchange for 50$ you can anger your children and have several full blown melt downs a week. So far none of our other xbox one games seem to have this problem. I think the issue is that lego developers and WB are fine releasing half finished garbage.

  • Troy Riser - Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Performance Was Amazing

    I have a weakness for scenery-chewing villains and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's spot-on portrayal of the gleefully murderous Negan is riveting to watch. Every movement, every word spoken, every action taken by Morgan's Negan is calculated to terrorize and dominate and I'm guessing few actors could believably pull it off. Morgan does. There's a risk in a cartoony portrayal with such a character but there was absolutely nothing funny or off-key about Negan. As a viewer, you have to ask yourself if the bad guy leader is the kind of man who could realistically evoke fear and obedience from a hundred (or more) hardened zombie apocalypse survivors. The way Morgan plays the role, yes, yes he could. Negan's no cartoon.

  • Stephanie Starke - Take it every day

    I love this product and have been taking it daily for almost two years. I used to have a lot of issues with UTIs and other imbalances due to a very active sex life. After taking this product, all of that has gone away. The best thing I can say about PreHresh Pro-B is that when I'm taking it I don't​ have any issues whatsoever.

  • Jain Tushar - Great output

    I wanted a glass cleaner to remove the stains from using the GPS on windscreen. All the stains vanished immediately as if they were never there when I used this product.