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  • hawk007 - Bengal.. I believe

    Whatever they make just gets rid of things.. that is all I have to say about Bengal. Many years ago, I moved to Hammond Louisiana for a few years and was terrified to find X-large roaches all over apartment. I then moved to a new apartment and found same issue. At night, you could see 100's of them marching all over. One day at local super market, I almost was crying begging the manager if there was anything that could fix the issue. Luckily, an air-force officer heard the conversation and told me to go to a local place that made and sold Bengal. He told me this is what air-force uses and nothing else works. I stopped by the place which was across the street and bought two can for $25 and it was guaranteed to work or bring empty can and get full refund. Per recommended, I sprayed around the baseline of walls and cabinets a small amount. Left the place and came back to find 100's of dead roaches all over and never saw another one for few years we lived there.

  • DisneyMomma67 - True to its word

    Very high quality product. My husband has taken it for 7 days and already noticed a difference in his energy and workout levels. He likes the size of the pill and says it is easy to swallow. He says that adding it to his daily routine was simple and he has already recommended it to several of his poker buddies. Good Value for Retail price!

  • Strifed - Best project glue ever.

    Best project glue ever. The proteins that make up this type of glue, make it the most natural glue you can use. Very strong bond.

  • Paulo - Very innovative

    I haven't seen much gameplay other than the trailer, because I wanted to play the game without any previous expectations and experience it through my own gameplay,

  • Fabric/Book Addict - Excellent

    Use it to repair antique as well as modern furniture. Nice tight hold. If you're quick you have enough time to wipe excess glue away without leaving dripping marks.

  • Personne - A too-constricted world

    In his foreword, series editor Robert Atwan reflects on the state of literature in his student days. He complains about the exclusive view held by academics of the day, restricting 'good' literature to a small set of subgenres. What then can explain the narrow focus of this collection? These so-called 'best essays' are all first-person short stories. Where are the essays on politics, on science, on medicine, on conflicts? Recent past masters of the art have included Stephen Jay Gould and John Updike--wonderfully observant and humane writers. Do the collectors of this set mean us to believe that no one out there can write about anything but themselves?

  • Isaac H - Great kids game!

    This is a great game, my kids, four and six, love knocking each other off while trying to get to their home base. That being said the reason I took a star off is that the quality of the board, the box, and the cards is lacking. They seem very flimsy and I don't think they'll last very long. On the other hand the price was pretty low, so I guess I get what I pay for.