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  • Amazon Customer - Very Very Bad Egg Poacher

    This product is worthless. Follow the instructions to the t and still the eggs blew up all over in the microwave. Not only that, cleaning the egg poacher is also a pain. I spent more time cleaning the microwave and the egg poacher than actually enjoying poach eggs. Just going to do the old fashion way.

  • Samantha - A second vote for not working

    I have a front loading Miele washer and have been using this product regularly. Where this product fails is where you can't it, inside the rubber hosing of your washer. The Miele has a drain trap which you can open and drain the water out. When I did this all sorts of black mold came out and it was also in the rubber hose. I ran a bleach solution through the washer on sanitize and got rid of the mold.