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  • Amazon Customer - Fascinating and full of history. Unable to put down!

    I love history and for lovers of history, I recommend this book. It is from history we should learn and form our future from it's mistakes. Yet, it seems we never learn well. Read and be loose yourself in the past!

  • Sassy Granny - My "Go To" Hair Product

    I discovered this item on vacation while staying at a Marriott Hotel. It is, bar none, the best product for my hair. That was two years ago, and I've continued to use the shampoo & conditioner since. The online offering is not only convenient, but priced right as well!

  • Laura Maurer Storms - Good Single Pole

    This is a nice trekking pole. It adjusts easily, and can be very long, or short, depending on your height. The grip feels nice, and the color is very vibrant. I just find it odd that it is only one pole when usually these come in sets of two. Anyone who has done much serious hiking knows that if you are out on the trail for an extended period of time, you are going to want two poles, not just one. That being said, it is a good product and very light. It would be great for any trail hike and definitely not a burden to carry.