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    Like the consistency a little goes long way hair feels thicker and looks shiny and healthy. A little pricey but worth it!

  • Gumball - Nice but awkward

    This unit works well as a waterpik but is very awkward to fill. The tank has a ridiculous top that is supposed to hold extra tips but in reality it is next to impossible to get this top off, when filling the tank, without spilling the tips. I would rate this 5 stars for operation but this tank is maddening. I wish they would just give us a plain top for the tank. I do not want to leave the top off entirely because I want the tank to be clean, so I struggle along with it. BAD DESIGN!!

  • Dylan - Great stuff, not so great scoop.

    This is a great product, and it comes at a fair price. My problem with it is that the scoop almost never gets a full serving in it. By this I mean that I can pack the scoop then weigh the powder that I was able to get into it and not reach the 31.5 gram serving size. It is usually at least 5 grams short. This can easily be fixed with a scale, but it is an oversight that hurts those people who don't own one.

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    Didn't have the money for the granite I wanted, but I could not live with that pink laminate any more. I thought if I don't like it I'll just cover it with different laminate. I was surprised at how well it turned out seeing that I had NO artistic background at all. I had a problem with the top coat, not shiny in some areas. Called Giani up, very good customer service, sent me new top coat free of charge along with instruction on wet sanding. Its not as hard as it sounds, and only added another day to my project. The end result looks great and will definitely hold me over until I can afford the real thing. Try it and surprise yourself.