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  • Grill master - Other than late delivery, screen is close to OEM.

    It was delivered a day later than what was promised. Overall screen quality is excellent though. Touch is spot on and install was smooth. It does not have any instructions, but as others have said, quality of screen is great and touch is no different from OEM. I suggest watching videos on YouTube for instructions. Added glass protection is a bonus. Will have to see how long the quality hold up though.

  • Alberto Chavez - Lose weight and improve your eating habits!

    I did this purification program in March 2013 and it had a very positive impact on my overall health as many have already indicated. I lost a total of 17 pounds and most importantly "improved" my eating habits. I am going to start it again at the beginning of December because I have fallen of the wagon as of late and need to refocus. I didn't think I was going to do the purification again because it was tough to go through it the first time, but I stuck with drinking smoothies and eating fairly balanced meals that I don't think this time around it will be as hard. It wasn't until October and November that I felt I needed to refocus (get back to healthier and portion controlled meals etc.)and I think this is my best way to do it. I really recommend this program to individuals that want to lose weight and most importantly want to change the way they eat!

  • J. G. - Finally, something that makes sense!

    I bought this book a few days ago and have read it about three times already! I have suffered from hypoglycemia all my life. I'm not terribly overweight, about 20 pounds maybe. I've tried low-fat high carbohydrate (back in the 90's), low carb diets (several times), Weight Watchers (twice), SugarBusters!, Slimfast, and the South Beach Diet (several times). This is by far the EASIEST way to eat and lose weight! I have not had one hypoglycemic incident since I started eating this way, and I usually have one a day at least. I have known for a long time (through many years of trial and error), that I have to eat anything with sugar with a meal or it triggers a hypoglycemic episode. Well, this book tells me exactly what ratio or carbohydrates to protein I should eat to keep this from happening! Just the thought that I can have whatever I want, as long as I keep the carbohydrate grams and protein grams balanced, is wonderful! Also, I am one of those who always ate in defense mode. I was terrified of being caught somewhere without food and having a hypoglycemic attack, so I would eat before going somewhere, even if I wasn't hungry. Now, I know that won't happen anymore, and I am finally free from worrying about food all the time. I can't say enough good things about this approach. Obviously I haven't lost any weight in only three days, at least not that I can tell, but I feel so much better already. That alone made it worth buying the book.

  • Emily J. Martin - A thoughtful and well-written book

    It's about time someone wrote about the good work that the Clinton Foundation is doing around the world. Joe Conason's book goes into detail about several of the successful Clinton Foundation programs while also taking a critical look at those that did not pan out. This book is well researched, thoughtful, and critical when necessary. As a former development practitioner, I understand why some folks are skeptical of foundations and non-profits as there is a long history of inefficient and insufficient action when these organizations try to tackle worldwide problems like HIV/AIDS, poverty, hunger, etc. The Clinton Foundation is a different type of development organization, and it deserves praise for bringing lifesaving medicine to millions of people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who interested in learning more about Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

  • God chaser - Great informational book

    There is so much information in this book about your body and your health. How just being short of a mineral can cause a disease. We need to be on our toes and take the minerals and vitamins to stay healthy so we can take away all the money these doctors and drug companies get out of us. They are getting rich by giving out all these drugs that have so many side effects.

  • Ingrid Seymour - The writing is poor, the characters are flat

    The writing is poor, the characters are flat, the plot is hard to buy and moves at a pace that is fast but in a bad way (like glossing over big plot points without pause, just barging on). The amount of tell (not show) is ridiculous. I will not continue this series since I saw nothing to inspire me or make trust the author can deliver a good story.

  • Amazon Customer - Upsetting this is not entertainment. TWD is/was my favorite show of all time.

    I am a huge fan of twd. I've watched the seasons more times than I can count. The first episode of season 7 was very upsetting. Highlighted the very worst of TWD. I hate all the teasers and the emotional turmoil they are trying to put the viewers and the characters through. I love the show for the survivor aspect not the brutality. I knew somebody would have to die but this was just torture and not entertainment. I am debating whether on not to continue watching which I can't believe I would ever consider not watching my favorite show of all time. I'm so sad about Glen but kind of expected that it was just the over the top violence and gore. Not a fan of Negan not just because of what he did but his dramatic terror isn't convincing it is just annoying. I enjoyed the show because the characters became family and are building a new life together despite the violence around them. I'm just upset. The show was very painful to watch and I'm not sure if TWD can redeem itself.