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  • Lino Mcgaha - Priced well, great quality

    I have been taking ginseng for the year and I swear by it. I do not drink coffee or consume much caffeine at all but because of this product I never feel tired during times of the day I used to feel sluggish during when I was a coffee drinker. I've also had no issues with sexual energy either since beginning to take this and a male energy supplement called Truplayer.

  • OliviaRoss - The best stuff for my hair

    I don't use anything else on my hair. Using this product has changed my hair completely. It makes my hair feel soft and renewed everytime I use it. It also lasts for a long long long time a little goes a long way. I am constantly recommending this stuff to my friends because it has done so much good for me.

  • Randall B - Great Way To Get Up and Move!

    Part game, part workout video, Your Shape is a great solution for people that need to get more activity in their day. I have high blood pressure and need to be more active to help control it. I also am one of those people who dreads exercise, but Your Shape helps make exercise more enjoyable. If you are already in great physical shape, then this product may not be for you. But if you need a boost to get up off your butt and move, or maintain your fitness level, then this is a great way to do it. I live in Wisconsin, and some winters can be quite long, so this helps stay active while indoors. There are more options than I expected to keep me interested and target areas of my body. The old saying "There is no better medicine than sweat" will ring true here as several days later you will notice how much easier it is to improve time and scores. The kinect sensor works well for me, though this is not for people with cramped play areas. In closing, if you are inactive, or need to increase your activity, this is a highly recommended way to increase your daily activity.

  • Whales & Dolphins - Worse health now after taking the product

    When I realized I have IBS w/ slow bowel motility, I began taking probiotics. I started my first month with Udo Flora brand. It worked within two days. I only switched my second month to Align because I became intrigued by the positive reviews. I did some research and saw that Proctor & Gamble makes this product which made me hugely skeptical, since it is a very opaque and profit-driven company. I also can't easily find a list of ingredients on their website--case in point. As per usual Proctor & Gamble products, they don't make much information on their products available. It makes me think they use bad quality ingredients. Anyway, when the product arrived, I was disappointed to see it contains milk ingredients. I am vegan. I tried it anyway in a fervor of wishful thinking that it would improve my digestive health. I have been taking it daily for almost four weeks, and I am more bloated and irregular than I was two months ago, before I began taking probiotics. Once again, I went to the Align website to see how many billions of bacterial cells this product has, and I could not find it easily. I finally found that there are only one billion live cells at time of manufacturing. No wonder it doesn't work. Other products give you about 20 billion. What you can count on receiving from P&G regarding Align is insulting to the average consumer's intelligence. Here is the typical language they use (when looking at what to expect week by week when taking Align): "If you have been taking Align every day, you should be noticing that it's easy to add to your daily routine. You're working to help support a healthy digestive system, so keep it up."

  • Amy Martin - I actually dont usually like gummy vitamins because honestly i think most taste DISGUSTING

    Im gonna start this review off by letting you know that the bottle of orange vitamins is different than what is pictured in the description. Mine is the same brand ProVita Labs but it says VitaMoons instead of HairOmega. Mine is Vitamin B Complex gummies instead of the comple multivitamin gummies for hair, however on the side in the description it says Multiple B Vitamins, Vitamin A, C, D, E so it aids also as a multivitamin, I just wanted to state that mine is a different bottle so you receive the same. The strawberry one that i received is in fact the same exact one in the description picture.