Augmentin Normal Dose - Abpi Medicines Compendium (2006) Summary Of Product Characteristics For Augmentin 625mg Tablets.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 10.1333 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Paul - good but not great

    They are way too expensive for such weak material, you would think better material and you have to be very careful when getting them out of vehicle so it doesnt spill onto ground, not so easy to get out

  • Rhonda D Yearwood - Great resource!

    This book was a valuable asset for our recent trip to Germany. I just wish I had bought it sooner in order to read it more thoroughly before leaving. Great tips and information. I said repeatedly on our trip to my husband, "Rick Steves says...".

  • David T. Tuszynski - Surprised myself

    Didn't have the money for the granite I wanted, but I could not live with that pink laminate any more. I thought if I don't like it I'll just cover it with different laminate. I was surprised at how well it turned out seeing that I had NO artistic background at all. I had a problem with the top coat, not shiny in some areas. Called Giani up, very good customer service, sent me new top coat free of charge along with instruction on wet sanding. Its not as hard as it sounds, and only added another day to my project. The end result looks great and will definitely hold me over until I can afford the real thing. Try it and surprise yourself.

  • Crystal, AZ - It works well for a No-Poo and my hair did ...

    It works well for a No-Poo and my hair did feel quite clean but the smell is overpowering. It's a chemical smell that cannot be washed out nor covered up by other products (conditioners, perfumes, body lotions, etc.); I noticed it right away during cleaning and after the shower but as it didn't affect my asthma, I was just hoping it would fade over the course of the day. However, numerous coworkers commented on my new scent and some asked me to tone it down; and the strength of the smell never diminished even after 12hours! I usually wash my hair every four days or so but I washed it again that night and again over the next few days with my old shampoo trying to get the odor of the Devacurl to go away.

  • Mark - Seems to help

    Compared to only watching what I eat w/o any supplement, the CLA seems to help with weight loss, and I have been consistently losing several pounds per month. Might all be in my head - maybe it just reminds be to eat healthier, but I'm not going to argue with the results!