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  • Tiburon - Sokay

    This TOY IS GREAT! But there are some things that should be added make it more realistic. I'd like to see some diversity in one of the guards and perhaps the other guard could have some drool dripping from it's lip to reflect the extremely low IQ needed to obtain this type of position. Also, add a 80 year old woman with (remove able clothes so she may be stripped searched) and a 20 something middle eastern looking man. (no need to make his clothes remove able as we are going for realism)

  • Tara - Good book. Kept me reading til the end

    Good book. Kept me reading til the end! Havent read any books by Robert Dugoni before and now am reading the 1st in the Tracy detective series. So far so good!

  • Amazon Customer - I haven't had long enough to tell how it's going ...

    I haven't had long enough to tell how it's going to work? So I'm going to try them pills too to see how they wk together.

  • Cleese Amazon Customer - It works

    This was my first experience with a liver cleanse and did not know what to expect. I know it worked because of the change in bowel movements, and the extra bile that it seems to have stimulated. I did not experience better sleep, more energy, or anything other of the results that others have experienced. Overall, I would say it was a positive experience.

  • Instructor Too - Street Atlas 2012, little improvements and still worthwhile

    Like other Amazon reviewers we are dismayed at how remiss a dedicated cartography company like Delorme has been in updating roads and associated "points of interest" data on their premier street and travel mapping software, "Street Atlas 2012". Thanks to the building and infrastructure slowdowns caused by difficult US economic conditions since 2008, you would think that Delorme would have been able to easily catch up on adding new roads but there appears to be little addition of updated roads over our "Street Atlas 2009" version.