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  • waetherman - Solid, inexpensive wall mount

    I got this mount specifically because the wall I needed to install to had 24" studs, and this is one of the few mounts made to fit that wide pattern. It would also fit the standard 16" pattern as well, though if your tv is on the smaller side (37-42) you might be better off getting a smaller 16" mount because this one will be more visible behind the tv.

  • westnovella - More time for you

    On this lazy Sunday morning, I began my day on the back patio with a cup of coffee and the Sunday Times. In the house, I had set up the Roomba to clean my living room/dining room. About the same time that I finished the paper it finished cleaning. I can only speak for myself, I would prefer to never vacuum again in my life. With the Roomba I do not have to vacuum; nor do I have to pay someone else to do the vacuuming (or debate the timing or extent of the job, i.e., Sunday mornings...dust bunnies collecting under heavy immovable pieces of furniture are not an issue so long as there is enough space for the Roomba to get under the furniture). I can find many more things to do with my time. I have waited patiently through the various model changes and did not purchase the Roomba until the 770 came out. The reviews for this model indicated that it was likely to be the first model that would be able to handle the copious amounts of fur that my faithful companion (a German "shedder") donates to my hardwood floors on a daily basis. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I watched the Roomba carefully for the first couple of cycles and noted that I needed to move certain electric cords as it easily caught on them, I also needed to move the dining room chairs apart from each other and from the table so that there was enough room to allow it to clean around each, similarly a small table in the hallway also had to be moved away from the wall. It is true that it does not reach into the corners; it leaves a triangle of about an inch and a half on each side. From my perspective, this is minor drawback in relation to the other 300 square feet. I am careful to clean the Roomba thoroughly after a couple of cleanings as fur can be very destructive. I would prefer to regularly "deep clean" the Roomba and hopefully avoid having to "deep clean" my house. It excels at picking up fine grit off the floor. Yes, I can actually walk barefoot. Because of all of the fur, I set a timer to remind me to clean out its bin once, about every 20 minutes. This product is new to me, so I don't know how long it will last. Pets must be supervised or locked out of the room being cleaned; one dog would rather be vacuumed up than move to allow it to clean, the other looks at it like a new toy. From my perspective, so long as it lasts at least three years it will have been well worth the money.

  • Caitlyn Anne - Wonderful for older kids and younger

    Wonderful for older kids and younger. My preschool class enjoyed excavating just to see what its like. A little too young to assemble the dinosaur but it was great for them to have a chance to "excavate" and that was the purpose for purchasing this.

  • Mark J. Wagner - Save yourself time and headaches and find a backup solution that actually works!

    Save yourself some time and find another backup solution. This product has several major flaws. First, if you have relatively new hardware its boot disk creation utility is very poor. You MAY be able to create a boot disk that works but you will have to manually find and add the right drivers. Other solutions, like Macrium Reflect automate the entire boot disk creation process. Second, it has no log viewer built in if you run into any issues with your backups. Third, there is no way to delete old or unwanted backup sets from within the program. Fourth, some of the features and functions simply don't work. Honestly I have no idea how/why this product gets any positive reviews.

  • Madhu - Waste of money

    I first chanced upon a sample of this shampoo when I stayed at Springhill marriott. I loved the sample because it made my hair so silky soft clean.. But I hate the product I purchased from Amazon. It's nothing like the sample. It's just a gluey mess. It leaves my hair rough, even the smell feels different. I don't know what is different even though it's the same brand. Anyway, I bought another shampoo and this one's just sitting in my bathroom unused. Waste of money!

  • Sue V. - Love this product. Great for protecting, unbrellas, shoes and outside jackets!

    I absolutely love 3M 4101 Fabric/Upholstery Protector, spill Repellent, odorless Scotch Gard. This is a fabulous product to help out in the home with some well loved chairs, and high traffic areas. I am going to try it this weekend, and if I am happy...I will be putting in another order.