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  • PedroD - Don't see a difference

    My clubhead speed tops out around the 109 cutoff for the B330 (per the marketing direction), so I tried these. Didn't notice much difference. Seemed like an occasional iron shot would fly long (not a good thing) but far from scientific evidence. Definitely does not go any further off the driver for me. I'm happy with the B330s. They're the same price anyway.

  • Kevin - works good so far

    The switch and wires are good and install very nicely on a Polaris RZR 800. Switch had a terminal pull out when I connected the wires as directed by instructions prior to putting it into the dash. I had to work to get it back in and hope it will stay there and not wiggle loose. I was just surprised it came out as I have just been wiring up my toy-hauler and have hooked and unhooked dozens of terminals form various companies as I customized my trailer. Might have just been a one of thing for this company, not sure. I like the light on the switch when it is on however I wish there was a small light on like the factor light switch so that you could see it at night when it is off.

  • JHILL - Doesn't work

    I ordered this product in July and have tried to download multiple times with no success. I get a message saying it is expired. I removed my old Norton from my PC. Very disappointed. No one from Amazon or Norton has gotten back to me on why this doesn't work.

  • Dyoshida23 - This cup looks so good! It is also smooth black

    This cup looks so good! It is also smooth black. I have two Yeti cups but this is by far my favorite now. So glad I got it.

  • Karen Edwards - YUP.

    I saw a GIANT cockroach on my bathroom wall last night and promptly started crying. I know it's completely pathetic, but I've never had to deal with this before--my dad, brother, or boyfriend has always been there to help--and I was at a loss for what to do. So I closed the door, shoved dishtowels in the crack, checked Amazon, and went and bought some of this stuff at midnight. I didn't know where in the bathroom the roach was, so I just sprayed some of this under the door and hoped for the best. This morning, I checked it out, and the roach was completely dead in the tub AND a baby roach that I hadn't even seen before was dead too. I'm glad I sprayed my whole living room and kitchen also; I'm sure I got some bugs I didn't know were there.

  • KimAnnYan143 - LIKE it, not LOVE it

    I like this because the color is sheer and cute and sparkly- just the way I like it- it tingles when you put it on, however, I don't see a huge difference in the plumpness of my lips- good lipgloss though.

  • Michele B. Perez - CLR Clear - works great on lime scale/soap scum.

    I got this online bc it was prime and the price is better than at the grocery store - it works like it's supposed to. I put it in a sprayer that had lime away for easy use - just remember to put on a mask and open windows for large jobs as this stuff has fumes.