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  • MollyD - Not very supportive or super cute, but they'll work.

    I didn't like these shoes as much as I wanted to. They look and feel cheap and are not supportive at all. I bought them for a trip to San Francisco because I knew I'd be walking several miles every day and wanted something that was more stylish than gym shoes and wouldn't take up a ton of room in my luggage. These were OK. They felt thin and the Asics stripe is basically just like a sticker on the side of the fabric, so it looked cheap too. I would definitely not pay more than $30-40 for these. The sizing is consistent with Asics' athletic shoes. I wear a 10 in normal shoes (vans, converse, ballet flats) and a 10.5 in my Asics gym shoes; I got a 10.5 in these and they were great.

  • Emira - This is an excellent product, it is huge can fit a ton ...

    This is an excellent product, it is huge can fit a ton of cargo. We use it to transport supplies for a community puppet show and its great to fill up and throw on top of the car. I feel like it would be perfect for a PE class filled with balls and sporting equipment. The material is very thick and the zippers are good quality the only flaw I have seen is that the velcro straps around the product to secure in the zipper was sewed on incorrectly and doesn't align properly. A minor issue when everything else functions perfectly. I must say I was really surprised with the size for the price. I have seen bags 1/4th its size cost the same. Great product I was fortunate enough to try this product out for my honest review!

  • Brenda L - Tried the series and it failed...

    I tried to give this series a chance, but can not continue. I trudged through four books and cannot imagine trying to read an additional 15+ books to get to the conclusion.

  • Sigi - cartilage pain

    This product arrived fairly quickly. The shipping charge billed was much less than originally stated, which was around $20.00. My husband started to see an improvement in his shoulder pain after 7 or 9 days. He no longer has any shoulder pain. It also gave Supple to my mother for her back pain but Supple did not help at all. It will work if you have an issue with Cartilage.