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  • T. Panossian - Student-oriented and amazingly thorough

    I don't have the time to go into every reason I really appreciate this SAT prep book. Its many chapters are filled with one-page lessons, then review questions, then practice problems. It is well-written and the lessons are clear, simple, yet accomplish a lot of tips and techniques. There is also a section of vocabulary grouped by theme and by roots, and practice tests. Those tests are not close enough to the real thing to use on their own. I just use them if I'm tutoring for months and months and need more practice questions because I've run out of College Board practice tests. Speaking of the tests, not only are answers included, but explanations with references to the chapter lessons that match them.

  • J. Fischer - So far so good...

    This past Saturday my slow drip from my power steering on my 1981 Corvette increased to a rather substantial puddle. I resigned myself to the fact I was probably going to replace the system to the tune of $600-$700, but after reading the reviews for Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak I decided to give it a try.

  • Lizzie Lou - So Good I Went to Work Today Without Makeup On for The First Time in 15 yrs.

    I've always laughed at the way moisturizers are marketed as having scientific-sounding properties with "visible results" so when I bought this, I was really only expecting a nice facial cream from a reputable company at a cheap price. I started using it 10 days ago and as expected, it seemed like a decent moisturizer but otherwise unremarkable. I completely forgot about the promise of "visible results" never having really expected them due to the low price. Then, about three days ago, I went to put on my makeup before work and stopped because it looked like I already had. I had to actually wipe a tissue over my face to reassure myself that no, I wasn't losing my mind--it was my bare skin. I can't believe it but after only a matter of days, my face looks like it did 15 years ago when I was 36. Back then, I had great skin and could get away with using a bare minimum amount of liquid makeup. As I got older, though, I had to use more and more to the point that by the time I was 50, I wouldn't be caught dead in public without makeup on. Today, I went to work without makeup for the first time in 15 yrs. Even my husband, who thinks beauty products are a scam and a waste of money, commented about it and he NEVER notices anything--not hair coloring or styling, new nails, pedicures, facials and professional makeup--nothing. This stuff is AMAZING. Add the price to the equation and it's really the best beauty product I think I have ever purchased. I read the review cautioning to not apply it around the eyes. That was not my experience. For the first week, the only place I applied it was around my eyes. Now I use it on my whole face. I am SOLD.

  • Gregorina - Not sure

    The item is easy to use. I am not really hairy (but light skin, dark hair) and I tried once a salon IL treatment. It was stronger there and hair left in a week or so, almost all that was treated (but it grew back fast as well). After this one, it takes about two weeks, in my case, for hair to leave but it does leave. After two weeks I have -- underarms about half hair gone, bikini area maybe just 20%. I think after third lower legs and underarm may be hairless (but probably totally hairless after 4-5 times), bikini will take definitely more than 3 times.

  • MAH - Alabama - "HOPE"

    I wish I could give you this book because it's not often that we read something that will change our life. I have given this book to my family and and many friends. When I share this book with them, I say it's a book of "Hope" and I can almost read their mind when they hold it in their hands saying to themselves. I don't have time - this book is daunting upon first sight it is so thick - and I say with a smile of understanding, a fourth of the book at the back is given to references and if you read a few chapters a day you will read it in two weeks and find it hard to put down. The gift of your time is worth the reward. I'm reading it now for the second time.