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  • jetteh22 - Large, bright and clear. Great monitor for the price.

    I bought this monitor to use as a second screen for my laptop when I am working in my home office. I plan to eventually purchase a new desktop and will get another one of these screens to create the dual-monitor experience I am looking for. I loved this screen so much that I am sure I'll get another just like it.

  • Anthony Y. - 90 4runner

    Working good so far, had a leak from somewhere near my thermostat, water pump, had leak, took it all apart and replaced and resealed, still leaked, poured this bottle in and no more leak and temps are prefect

  • Nancy J Quesenberry - Such a great program...well worth it!

    I had a little trouble getting this program to load...but I didn't give up. This is my 4th update to this program and worth every penny. My grandkids use it too. Makes wonderful cards that you can personalize too. I hated the year I didn't have this program.

  • Alberto Lopez - Will not disappoint!

    Got to be one of the best games I've ever played and had. Also Amazon did not disappoint because my game was scheduled for a Monday but came almost a week early! Thank you Amazon!

  • L. R. Robles - downhill!!

    Well, its alot cooler to have it in person than on the picture. When people see this helmet they go, OMG! very cool! must buy!

  • Patrick Erkkila - The image is confusing. I ordered the detangler in ...

    The image is confusing. I ordered the detangler in the image with shea butter and that is not what I got. I got the one with not shea butter.

  • R. Mardis - Found a new use! Awesome

    Because Science! Heh.. I have used CLR on toilets, shower-head, coffee pot, humidifier, rust stains... Excellent product. I just found a new use though;