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  • James Matthew Miller - Disappointed

    This is a bottom shelf product. Fit for children perhaps. The bowl is much smaller than I'm accustomed to. The brush is definitely a cheap synthetic, and my stand arrived broken. I would consider this a toy more than a set of grooming tools.

  • Dorrizzle - Awesome graphics!

    Hard to believe this is a PS2 game. Has great graphics and lots of playability. Tons of unlockables and ways to alter and personalize the game. Great fun!

  • momofeef - I've been a Kaspersky antivirus user for a decade now ...

    I've been a Kaspersky antivirus user for a decade now and though, hey I should give total security a chance. Well, as soon as I installed the program it shuts down my internet - Ethernet as well as wifi. Obviously I could not activate let alone use the product. I made sure to uninstall all other antivirus programs prior to installation to make sure it didn't interfere with his program. After uninstalling and restarting the computer twice the Internet still would not connect. I had to do a system restore to a point prior to installing Kaspersky before the Ethernet and wifi would work again. Never again!

  • jan tetzlaff - Taste great!

    These taste great, but beware of the calories! You need to take 3 and that's 30 calories. I've taken them for 2 weeks not and have finally begun to notice that my hair has more sheen and my nails are not nearly as brittle as they were. I'll continue to take these and update as needed.

  • Blue Dragonfly - Relieves itching from bug bites and does so much more

    This summer the mosquitos and black flies have been quite pesky because of the heat. I have been covered with extremely itchy bites. Nothing seemed to relieve the itch, even aloe or cortisone cream. A friend told me that Camphor will relieve the itch. I ordered this old "tried and true" remedy, and it works great. No more itching and it is also great for relieving minor aches and congestion. I tried the tip one reviewer mentioned about rubbing it on the bottom of the feet to relieve chest congestion and it really works. I believe that it is a meridian area used in Ayurvedic medicine. I was skeptical at first, but am amazed that it does really do the trick plus it feels good on tired feet. This tin is quite large and will last quite awhile. I looked up Camphor in the dictionary and found that it is the resin of an Asian tree that is a relative of the Laurel. This is like a whole medicine chest in one little can.