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  • BSteeve - MS Data Access. I hate this database program!

    I wanted a newer database version, I had an old MS Works program. I bought MS DataAccess. All I want is to manage my address book, and be able to save specific groups, print labels, etc. I can't get past the first field error (#type!). It won't print the name and last name on one line. Going to all "help" sections wants me to write code, which I do not want to spend half a day (or more) figuring out. What is it with this company?! Of course I can't return it because it was a downloaded version. Is that part of the problem? I should have paid more attention to the reviews because there are plenty complaining about this program. My advice, don't buy this product! I figured I wanted simple, basic database operations and I should be safe. Not so. Nothing is simple with this program. I hate it and feel like I've wasted my money and my time.

  • J. Walker - Awesome at home and near the end

    Ok, so this might be TMI, but given what this product is, I hope that's a given. If these things only leak when they're full like the company website says, then I've "filled them up" in as little as 4 hours with what I would call regular flow. Sorry but whenever I'm at work, these things always leak for me on normal days. Then why five stars? Because they're awesome when I'm home. I've used then for a few months, and only had a leak at home once (huge sneeze on a heavy day). So I don't know if I'm just unlucky at work or what. I have never had one leak over night.

  • Ricardo Batista - But it fit Great holes matched up and i would def recommend

    I read some other reviews before i ordered it , and i was a lil worried because a few said holes didnt line up. But it fit Great holes matched up and i would def recommend.this grill . Cant get better on the price either but it almost cost me just as much to get it color matched to my jeep . so keep that in mind when you purchase

  • D. Alvarado - Great cube

    I really like this cube because the rotations are ridiculously smooth. Much better than any standard Rubik's Cube by a long shot. My one complaint about this cube is that it seems the stickers are not terribly durable, as they started peeling after only a couple dozen solves. Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have some nice stickers to compliment an otherwise great cube.

  • Jinx1 - I love Liam and Elle!

    This book was great from start to finish! I could not put it down. My heart broke for both of them with the death of Elle's dad and he was a sweet man to set everything into motion for them, I don't want to spoil anything so I won't you have to read this book! This is a book I could read over and over which I definitely will it was that good. I just did not want this to end.

  • mike - Great phone case

    Great phone case. This phone case is nice and slick makes my phone look good while protecting it and it's not even a big or bulky case and it does its job perfect in protecting my phone. The buttons are all very easy to press and you can have this case on with a screen protector no problem.