Biotium - Glowing Products for Science - A fluorescent reagent company, Biotium offers a full selection of products including secondary antibodies, antibody labeling kits, DNA stains, & reagents.

  • Fluorescent reagents and other similar high quality products for life science, medical research and drug screening| Biotium - Choose from a broad array of antibodies, kits, qPCR and other reagents from fluorescent reagent company, Biotium.

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  • Amazon loyal customer - Comes with three "free" months of Ancestory access? Strings are attached!

    Great product with a, but...offer of "Free" three months of Ancestory access not exactly right. Everyone need to know they have to provide credit card to access it and they keep it on file so if you forget to cancel at the end of your free 3 months you're credit card is charged again. OMG! Thats just not right and I don't think any business has that right of demand. Bogus offer or thats how I feel about it.

  • Erin - Nice little phone charger.

    Nice little phone charger! It's always hard to find anything with Apple's name on it at a decent price. This charger does the job at a good price

  • Dennis A. Widman - Sorry Game

    We got the Sorry game for our grandkids. They are pretty young for it now, but their parents will have it to play when they are ready. It is a great game that we feel every family should have available to play.

  • Penna - Optimal sustainable health guide to best nutritional health tools through colloidal minerals.

    Dr. Wallach is a great scientist, veterininarian, soil specialist, and primary care doctor. He has a fascinting background. He started as a veterinarian and worked number of years at the National Institute of Health . At the NIH much of his work involved doing thousands of autopsies on humans and zoo animals, that he he made the startling discovery that nearly 99% of all humans and animals who die of so called "natural causes" die of nutritional deficiency disease. For example, the heart tissue of organisms succumbing to cardio-myopathy heart disrase was consistently deficient in selenium. Autopsies revealing arthritis also reveled the lack of whole host of elements: calcium, boron, magnesium, manganese, etc.

  • A.K. - ... stellar reviews and in hopes that it would be good for my vision

    I purchased this product based on the products stellar reviews and in hopes that it would be good for my vision. However, after checking the ingredients, I found out that this product has way too much Vitamin A at 500% of the daily recommended value it is just too high for anyone. According to WebMd, "High doses of vitamin A have been associated with birth defects, lower bone density, and liver problems." In addition,today I found out that the vast majority of the reviews for this product are fake thru a website called Fakespot which can check whether or not product reviews are real. Fakespot, detected that 77% of the reviews for this product are "inauthentic or low quality reviews. It is too late for me to request a refund from Amazon, but I wanted to share my findings with everyone!