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  • Denny - Lots of locking

    The only thing wasn't working from the device is KODI. With all the sources and channels, but most of them were locked. I also tried to look for live channels they were locked too. Therefor I return it.

  • Hypno - Horribly designed clasp

    I bought this to wear while sleeping and use the silent alarm. It falls off every night! as well as during the day when I put my jackets on etc. The surface-tension "clasp" is too simple and lacks safety. It is ineffective for active sleepers.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't drink Caffeine

    I've taken Zantrex Black for a full week now and all I can say is, don't take any other caffeine while on it, coffee, soda, nothing. First day I had really bad reaction to it, stomach ache, rapid heart rate, flushing skin, once I stopped drinking coffee and any other forms of caffeine I was fine. Does the product work? Idk, it curbs my appetite but its hard to tell if I'm losing weight. Its like all the other products out there, there isn't a miracle pill that gives you ripped abs without any effort. Any of us that are serious about working out and take diet and weight supplements know there's side effects and you just have to decide if there worth the results.

  • Michael Grace - Excellent Political Book

    This is one of the best presidential campaign books I have ever read since the Teddy White's "Making of the President" series. The facts in the book are sourced, the interviews are taped and accurate and no one from either political party has challenged the factual statements in the book. Balz had amazing access to the leading political candidates from both parties and their political hired hands who gave him lengthy interviews during the most pressure-packed moments of their campaign. I can only assume that Balz must be highly respected by both right-wing and mainstream political professionals. Most interesting is to read the interviews with candidates prior to their announcements, during and afterwards. The statements they make during these pre, during and post interviews are a combination of spin and scam. They are most candid, of course, after their candidacy crashed and burned. Even Romney's post election interview still shows a ting of "I can't believe I lost." Clearly, campaign methods have changed, but I wonder if any campaign will ever have the time and money to replicate what Obama's people did in 2014.

  • Wesley S. Batson - Hexa-fun.

    If you have played the other Flow Free games, this title is more of the same, except 6 sides instead of 4!

  • rif79 - Wonderful, well made, perfect!

    I bought this bag for my husband for our trip to Mexico. It was on *severe* discount (less than seventy dollars) in the Medium size so that's the one I chose. Per other reviews, I was confident that so long as it was not "packed out" completely, it would fit in the overhead bins as a carry-on. Sure enough, it worked perfectly! It's really well made, my husband loved the backpack straps, and I like the material and colors (the orange helps me identify it among all the other bags on the carousel when we check it).

  • Rachel K. - Covers every little inch.

    Well I don't know how well it works... yet. Will update. Believe me, cover everything u don't want to get this on. The dust goes everywhere. One bottle did about 500 sq. Feet for me. Just got done applying. Makes a giant mess but I am optimistic. Now I don't have any pets and must have picked up some fleas from the neighbors dogs, so we didn't have tons of fleas to begin with. For the last month I have been trying salt and borax and vacuuming like crazy. Basically only see 2 or 3 fleas a day, but that is still too many. I'll update after 24 hours or so.