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  • Family Medicine - Breathing Expert - A Family medicine physician sees you as a complete person interacting with a complex social network. He is your ideal doctor.
  • Breathing Retraining: The Buteyko Method - Breathing Expert - Learn the Buteyko Method. Cure asthma, hyperventilation, hyperacidity, frequent cramps, and easy fatigability safely and naturally. Supervised by a doctor
  • Interventional Wellness - Breathing Expert - Interventional Wellness is a exciting new medical specialty. Interventional wellness deals with cellular processes and provides ways to improve them.
  • Contact Us - Breathing Expert - THE BREATHING EXPERT THERAPY IS NOW AVAILABLE AT THESE FINE INSTITUTION: Salutare Clinic in Makati and Mary Chiles General Hospital in Manila
  • Mary Chiles General Hospital - Breathing Expert - Mary Chiles General Hospital is one of Manila's most experienced hospitals. This tertiary hospital offers complete medical diagnostics and care.
  • Biobalance Wellness Institute - Breathing Expert - The Biobalance Wellness Institute is the foremost center for Health Optimization in Southeast Asia.
  • Our Worldwide Friends - Breathing Expert - Our friends from around the world who teach Buteyko. They can help you get better through the Buteyko Method
  • 11 Ways the Modern Diet Let Us Down - Breathing Expert - There are many things wrong with the modern diet. Here are 11 of them which are the most obvious.
  • Another Medical Society gives Buteyko a thumbs up: British Thoracic Society - Breathing Expert - the British Thoracic Society has given the Buteyko Method a grade A recommendation for asthma treatment.
  • Paracetamol: What you don’t know might hurt you. - Breathing Expert - Paracetamol is a pain reliever. It is known as Acetaminophen in the US.Paracetamol can be dangerous. This article explains more about it.
  • Let's help Sleepy Suzy Sleep - Breathing Expert - Sleep disorders go undiagnosed.Sleep triggers hyperventilation.When you sleep you may have numbness of one arm or leg only,difficulty breathing, chest pain
  • HYPERVENTILATION: 6 WAYS TO DEAL WITH IT - Breathing Expert - Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome can cause people to be less productive, more anxious,& have poor sleep.Here are 6 things you can do to deal with it.
  • Doctor Approved - Breathing Expert - At Breathingexpert, our programs are handled by an experienced medical doctor.Dr. Charles Florendo, is dedicated to solving your health problems.
  • Easy to learn for adults and children - Breathing Expert - Our approach ensures that you receive techniques most suited for you. These techniques are easy to learn. Children can be taught as young as 6 years old.
  • Practical and Cost-effective - Breathing Expert - Practical is the mainstay of our program from the beginning.Instead of buying expensive machines or medicines, why not learn to reduce their use instead?
  • Holistic Healthcare for everyone - Breathing Expert - Our program is holistic. It does not useexpensive or complicated equipment.It integrates with your diet program, or you simply use our own suggestions.
  • Keep up to date with our Blog   - Breathing Expert - Keep up-to-date with the important trends with our blog & website.Our website is updated regularly by health professionals to so you get the freshest info.
  • Philippine study: Breathing Exercises is safe and effective for children - Breathing Expert - Nursing students from the Philippines did a trial on the Buteyko Method on children 7-11 years old. Buteyko Method was shown to be safe and effective

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