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    Personally, I thought the taste of this was just a notch above horrible. It was much more like sloppy joes, but in a taco. Yuck. We always look forward to two nite around here and we've tried a lot of different seasonings. This one is by far the worst. Obviously, just one persons opinion but being from Texas, this is an embarrassment.

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    I sent this to my nephew for C'mas. He told me it is the best he has ever used and that the 2 oz will last a very long time. He wears a medium length beard. For those who are looking for an oil, this one sounds like the one to get.. I knew nothing about these products so I purchased it from other choices because it is Certified Fair Trade.

  • gc81 - Better than QBs

    We needed to upgrade from PT 2008 for Win 7. Nice new feature is you can open multiple companies and look at them side by side which becomes invaluable when working with intercompany transfers or analyzing multiple companies for planning. We had trouble registering and required three calls to tech support before they could straighten it out. Tech support thought it was because we had to upgrade our databases from PT 2008. Once registered it's works great and if you know accounting its far easier to use than QBs.

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    This is a great product and NOW is a good company too. It is also great for weight loss too. I could tell a big difference after the first week so I added it to my Amazon Prime Pantry Subscription so I never worry about running out.