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  • Jorge R. Duarte - great price for one pc.

    this has become crucial for keeping your computer safe. but the price for a year has gotten out of hand. so when I came upon this for one year and the price I had to jump on it. never pay too much unless is for multiple pc's

  • Scott - It does not work

    The clip part simply does not work. I tried after a long shower and soaking my finger nails. Did not make a dent in the nail. It may work on small children but not on an adult. Don't be misled by the web site or the TV advertisement. Thankfully I order on Amazon so the return and credit was easy.

  • Margery Aukstikalnis - I have been slowly adding all my favorite recipes into one collection

    I have been slowly adding all my favorite recipes into one collection, freeing up shelf space, and putting all my recipes in easy reach. I love that I can copy, paste, and organize the recipes in such an easy manner. I don't have to print hundreds of pages anymore!

  • Brent Rector - The first time I used this product it blew my ...

    The first time I used this product it blew my mind, but I have never been able to get quite the same effect again since. If you wait a few weeks you might get 60-70% of the original effect (hence my three star rating) but that's about it.

  • M. Lo - Software works great and easy to use...when it works.

    Software had a problem where it shuts down and restarts itself. Tried to get tech support but they were not helpful at all. My son wasted a lot of time trying to complete his project. It was frustrating and very challenging. He finished it after numerous cycles of on-off action. Hopefully they will be more responsive next time. I give them 3 stars because the software works great and easy to use, when it works. MLO

  • Debby - Helps Immune System

    I have used this product for ~4 months and the results are incredible. Due largely to a damaged immune system I developed breast cancer in September 2014. I made some lifestyle changes; less stress, more rest, organic diet and added a daily turmeric and ginger tonic. The tonic was labor intensive and at times difficult to manage when I was sick. I discovered this product and it is a better assist for my immune system. Tests conducted in December 2015, April 2016 and June 2016 all confirm that I am cancer free. My sister has started taking turmeric and has lost weight.