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  • TessieD - Flexoplex is Awesome

    I've been taking Flexoplex for four months now and have felt less joint pain and the inflammation in my knees has decreased significantly. I did a lot of running when I was younger and played a ton of tennis and softball. I was in constant pain and nothing I tried even touched the pain. Flexoplex has made a big difference. I've tried other products that use Glucosamine/Chondroitin, but nothing was as good as this. I highly recommended it

  • Amazon Customer - I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said ...

    I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said for 2012 CRV. But,someone at amazon said they would fit my 2015. Also the, the screw holes did not line up. Then I read a review that said to turn the bar 180 degrees. So I did that and "voila", they lined up. Then I found the rear bar was not wide enough. I had the two screws on one side tightened and there was big enough gap on the other side that the screws would not reach in to the screw holes. So I loosened the other two screws enough so that the screws on the other side would start. Then I went back and forth tightening. The instructions could have been a little clearer. But, the end result is what counts.

  • M. Holifield - My Health Care Bible

    I never ascribed to our so called "health care system". Never trusted MD's. Sure I had to use them a couple times to set broken bones, but beyond that, I never trusted them to give me advice on health or nutrition. Then quite by accident I came across an interview with Dr. Wallach. He made so much sense I had to read this book. What we have in this country is "sickness care", not "health care". MD's treat symptoms of dieases, never curing them. Our bodies have an inate ability to heal itself if given the correct nutrition and supplements. You cut yourself, clean the wound and it heals itself. Break a bone, set the break correctly, the bone knits itself back together. Amazing healing properties we have in our bodies. I can't possibly go into all information in this book, but it is an easy read and anyone can understand the principals and concepts.

  • P. Kelly - Love it!

    This chair meets all of my needs currently and for the future. I fell in March and broke both of my leg bones and broke and dislocated my ankle. I am also diabetic. In order to keep my diabetes under control I need to exercise. Unfortunately, I have been unable to walk for almost 4 months. This chair makes it possible to sit and do all of my exercises. My physical therapist thought it was a wonderful idea and she has helped me to set up a cardio and a strengthening program. My leg was badly atrophied and the exercise has really helped me. I've also lost 30 pounds which was a great help both for walking and for improving my diabetes. I'm thrilled with the chair and will continue to use it even when I can walk again. It exercises every body part and is a wonderful cardio workout.