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  • Tina Engler - A+ for dry, frizzy, and/or naturally curly hair

    The bag contains shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and styling serum. I can't say enough good things about this line because I love almost everything about it. (I say "almost" only because I have very long, thick, curly hair so an 8oz bottle of shampoo & an 8oz bottle of conditioner doesn't last me very long.) That criticism aside, everything in the bag is useful and actually works. I have tried countless expensive shampoos & conditioners to tame my frizz-prone hair and finally I've found something that not only tames the frizz, but also gives my curls luster and bounce. Needless to say, I will never again use any hair products but these!

  • william soos - lost all passwords

    I bought webroot from best buy last year when we purchased 2 new pc's,when it was time to renew I clicked the renew button and was redirected to best buy.I purchased webroot and entered the new key code.I could not get the password manager to sign in,so I called webroot who had me on the phone for over one hour as their tech "worked' on the problem he made no sounds,I didn't even know if he was still there.He explained that because I bought the new key code from best buy that I would lose all my saved passwords.Twice I had to let him take over my pc from his location and he still could not "fix" the problem.He told me that the previous tech we had written to had screwed everything up and I would need to wait 24 hours and he would call me back and try to get it fixed.The tech.had an attitude and basically grunted answers to me.I would never buy webroot again or recommend it to anyone else.

  • jennypoo - It Works does Not Work!

    Another product that is useless. I have used these several times because they were given to me by a girl who got out of the business of selling them. Like ANYTHING that you spend money on, relax with for a little while, your skin is going to feel and look rested the same as when you get a facial. It brightens your skin for a while and you think you see a difference, until the next down the drain. These things are totally too the long run, more than a professional office can give you.

  • Thane Krios - PERFECT! Wish I had picked it up ages ago

    This thing is perfect, I can't imagine a way it could be better. A few months ago I decided I was sick of fumbling with my auxiliary cord during my commute, which barely worked half the time and gave me a hiss/white noise the other half. I picked up a bluetooth receiver that was powered through my cigarette lighter's USB charger. Fast forward a month or two, and any shake of the wire killed the connection to that thing. So I started to look for battery powered Bluetooth receivers.

  • Dave - not bad but nothing different from the rest

    Some interesting material, but like many of the other car magazines the vehicles featured are usually geared for the very wealthiest of car owners, which becomes somewhat redundant after a while.

  • nick - Horrible, painful movie to watch

    I can't believe that my husband and I sat and watched even half of this movie. The acting is some of the worst I have seen and the scene where the man fell when the earth split apart was such a joke. The movie kept jumping back and forth to San Diego and about 5 cities in Mexico and the times were not in sequence. This was by far the worst movie I have seen in many years and we watch a lot of movies of many different genres. It was painful to watch some of the acting. I felt sorry for the actors making themselves look so bad. Then again, I don't, because they subjected themselves to acting in this movie and were paid on top of it. Unfortunately, another movie, The Apocalypse, by Faith Films was included with this movie and it was just as bad, if not worse. We watched less than 5 minutes of it and had to take it out of the DVD player it stunk so bad. I would not recommend either of these movies to anyone. I feel guilty for donating them to the Goodwill Store, but I don't want them part of my DVD collection. They stink!

  • Stacy F - Good for minimal laptop use.

    I got this on sale around Labor Day. For the price it's an adequate laptop. I really only need a laptop to online shop on a bigger screen and type up the occasional document so for me it's fine. If you use one all the time then this is not your laptop as it is very slow.