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  • O. Aronson - My roots looked greasy. Very disappointing.

    I had high expectations for this product due to the good reviews. I am usually a pretty easy person to please. I was so disappointed with this stuff. I tried it again and again with different amounts/times left on different formulas, etc,.. but each time my hair at the roots looked greasy. The advertisement said you don't need to wash your hair but once every 2-3 days when you use wen. As soon as I washed it, I felt it looked like it needed washing again. Wished I would have returned it.

  • G. Godfrey - a good well researched book that falls in line with my ...

    Dinesh, a good well researched book that falls in line with my world view. That's all I am going to say about the book because I realize I am conservative and a liberal/progressive minded person would not like the content of the book nor agree with very much in the book. So, if you're a conservative or have wondered what the liberal/progressives were up to and where they are coming from I believe Mr. D-Souza's book is enlightening, if you're a liberal/progressive and you don't like getting upset then this book is not for you. All of this is my opinion of course...

  • M. Adelman - Solves both problems and makes my hair soft afterward. Love it, Highly recommended.

    I use this as my daily shampoo for my hair. This is by far the best remedy for my Dandruff. As a man we don't like to add conditioner and shampoo in the shower, this solves both problems and makes my hair soft afterward. Love it, Highly recommended.

  • Doc Jim - Works great if used with Nioxin Shampoo and conditioner

    I use this in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner by the same company. I have been using the system since about February 2014 and I DO see results including an area where I USED to have a fairly sizable bald spot. That spot is almost completely filled in with new hair now that started growing after about 4 months of product usage. In June I started to see new hairs growing elsewhere on my scalp where it had been thinning. It's not mid november and the hairs in the previously thinning areas are now about 2 inches long. The hairs where the bald spot used to be are now about 1" to 1.5" long and growing. I was skeptical but this product DOES work and was recommended by the person who cuts my hair. You have to be patient though and use it consistently. It's not instant hair like in the Hollywood movies.

  • Chris Hibbert - Cute little parable

    Vonnegut imagines a little society of people who have been hypnotized into a stasis. It seems to be saying that we're all sleepwalking but not with any clear alternative. If we're lucky, something will come along, recognize our plight and free us.

  • Tonia Pomeroy - You should consider buying this one!

    I love it! I have arthritis in my hands, back, feet and also had a slip and fall accident and injured my right knee and using this in no problem. I have short legs and the seat moves forward and backwards and up and down so it accommodates all sizes. I also love the exerciser for the arms, I have a torn rotor cuff in my right shoulder and pain neck problems and the arm exercises help me allot! Oh! I put it all together myself.

  • Amazon Customer - Make sure it will fit

    I have a Samsung monitor that, for some unexplained reason, decided to recess their VESA mount in the back of the monitor. This adapter plate was rather nice but did not fit inside of the recess. I had to spend some quality time with it and a reciprocating saw to finally trim off some of the rounded edges. Aside from it not fitting in the odd design of my monitor, the product itself was great.