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  • Raynee Branch - Smells soft and sweet! This is my favorite blend of Lavender oil.

    I ordered the Pure Body Nauturals Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil as it is my absolute favorite blend of lavender. I just started getting into essential oils in the last few months and never knew there were different blends of lavender until recently. I just thought lavender was lavender. Recently I ordered a lavender not knowing it was a Kashmir blend until I got it home and smelled it. I fell in love and noticed right away it had a much softer scent than original lavender. It has a sweet scent to it which I have always been a fan of sweeter type perfumes. That has me on a mission to try different brands of Kashmir Lavender and find a favorite.

  • H. Reid Poland III - Not easy to use

    Much harder to work with than expected .I wish I could return This program. Much disappointed in this download from Microsoft

  • Amazon Customer - Descent UPS time will tell.

    Arrived as expected. Package came in original shipping box from manufacturer not a box in a box. According to the instructions it's recommended that it be charged for at least 8 hours. Once that was done connected my devices. Powered up and fired up my system. All is well.

  • Patty - Not for age-related thinning

    It was ineffective for me and a waste of money. At 74 I took Hair Volume for a year to give my hair every opportunity to respond to the nutrients in the tablets, but now I have to say that there was no perceptible improvement. In contrast, Biota shampoo does seem to thicken my hair.

  • MommaBear4 - Best planner ever!!!

    I just got my planner and I love it!!!! I ordered one and when I received the package it said I had a surprise inside. They sent me 3 planners and an extra 432 stickers😀 I usually dread filling out a new planner but with all the great colors and stickers it was fun!! Thanks so much for the extras they are going to be Christmas presents. I know my family will love it as much as I do!! Really worth the money!!!!!!!!!!