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  • Kayla - When Bae's a Boss 3 (Must Read Series)

    I'm really sad 😭 to see this series end but Ms.Lucinda John the wait was definitely worth it because this book had me laughing 😂 and crying 😭 you did ya thang with this finale.... I hop we can get a spinoff with the kids or at least this new marriages or something I hate to see them go 😩 but anyway you deserve 💯 ⭐️ for this book 📚

  • Angela E Pierson - We Love Rick

    In our family we simply refer to him as Rick. "I wonder what Rick says about that". He has taken us all over Europe!

  • Sapphire - Winner winner.

    Fantastic comb for my blow dryer. I've used many many of these and this one hands down wins for me. If fits perfectly (I have a con air 1875), it doesn't get too hot (I run my dryer at high/high), and given that my tough as nails hair didn't break any teeth, I'm crowning it a winner! I'm

  • Ellen Dresselhuis - I never got the product

    I downloaded it and found it would not run claiming that I was out of Windows memory. I have no idea how or where to resolve this issues and Amazon would not refund my money - so I'm out $100 and have nothing to show for it. I hate pretty much everything about Microsoft office and particularly Publisher. If I could figure out how to talk to someone about it - I would, but that too is impossible.

  • Thomas Papp - Nyet!

    I no recommend this product for mad scientist, evil overlord, enemy's of James Bonds or little girls. Is too expensive and too small for building even small nuclear device much less power global death beam. I have brother Pavel that sell three times as much for half price. Come to Minsk and go to "Lenin's Tomb" bar in the east side of town, talk to Boris the bartender and tell him the password "Borscht", he will let you in basement. Walk to second freezer, inside is Pavel's office. Cash only.

  • Rochelle Fogg - Boosted B-12 level to normal range

    Our medically certified dietician (with a master's degree working out of a hospital - not the health food store knowledgeable clerk) recommended methylated B-12. My husband's level was way low and his blood test showed recovery to normal after taking this for 4 months. The B-12 seemed to have helped modulate his mood swings.

  • Amazon Customer - Bought this for the family and they all love the game and had a good time

    Bought this for the family and they all love the game and had a good time. Hoped to see more such games that a whole family can enjoy together. A recommendation to parents who want to buy a game for everyone to enjoy.