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    When I first unpacked this towel, I was surprised by its super softness. I chose the purple color with pink border; the colors are bright and vibrant, and have not faded after washing. The softness has not faded either.

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    The latest incarnation of the digital New Yorker seems to be a winner. The download to my Kindle HD seemed a little dificult at first, but then everything worked out with the new 2014 issue. You do have to download older issues, but that isn't a problem. The new issue has bigger print and navigation is a breeze. They finally worked out the kinks!

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    We used the Frommer's Guide (an older copy) when we traveled through Italy. It had detailed information for sights to see in many locations all over the country. It helped us plan our trip well to be able to see what we set out to see. We really enjoyed Pompei and it was worth it to us to pay for a guided tour. Our tour guide was an Italian archaeologist himself. He provided some great learning for us, in addition to what the book had to say about Pompei. We stayed in Naples and then made our way up to Rome by train. The Roman Colosseum was surreal to see in person after having studied all about it our whole lives. An added blessing was that it was free admission the day we went to visit. After our tour here, we went to visit the Sistine Chapel. It was beautiful but so extremely busy so it was hard to truly appreciate the work there because so many others were waiting for their turn to see it too. There were other things we were going to visit in Rome also but we decided to cut our time there a little short. For us, Rome was a little too busy because there are just so many things to see there. Besides the busy-ness and crowds, it was very expensive for us. We left Rome and took the train up to Venice. Venice is also a big city but it just has a relaxing feel to it. Maybe that's because it's surrounded by water. This can also be an expensive city but, to us, it was worth the extra cost when we felt like we got to really relax in being there while seeing things at the same time. San Marco's square was beautiful and it was really fun to explore all the little side streets and canal areas. It would be so easy to get lost in a city like this so having the Frommer's Guide is helpful in not getting lost for sure. We highly recommend the Frommer's Guide to anyone wanting to plan their own trip to Italy.