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  • Rocki J - dont use!!!! doesnt work!!

    Ive used this belt for 4 months and have NOT LOST AN INCH!!!!!! And they say the monthly cost for more cream is only $19.99....... No they charge you the $19.99 and an ADDITIONAL $39.99. So your charged over $60.00 a month for 2 tubes of excellerator. Dont bother. Its crap!!!!!

  • ladonna stogner - DO NOT PURCHASE!

    This device is made incredibly cheap. I am leaps and bounds above most when it comes to technical matters. This device WOULD NOT connect. I tried everything. Additionally, the instructions were so poorly written they were essentially unintelligible. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Keith - They don't innovate, they redecorate.

    Each new version of Office seems to me to be the old version with some stuff moved around. They don't innovate, they redecorate. There are, of course, new features that I'm perfectly willing to believe are useful to some people, but not to me. For me, the only effect of the changes is to cause me to come to a halt every fifteen minutes and figure out how to do what I was already doing with the previous version, usually more simply.

  • Kendall Albert - I loved this DVD

    As a lifelong Cleveland Cavaliers' fan, I loved this DVD! It gives a synopsis of the Cavs championship season from beginning to end, touching on the regular season and all rounds of the 2016 playoffs. It has a wonderful collection of season highlights and interviews with the players. The only thing that would make this better is if they had included a little more coverage of the celebration in Cleveland with the parade, etc.

  • Ron Hendry - Good Workout

    For someone like me just gettting back into it and kinda chubby. I can do most of this stuff and there is variety so I haven't tired of it. I actually enjoy it.

  • Danielle Watson - Shipped fast, great condition

    It came in much sooner than expected and was packaged well and in perfect condition. My 16-yr-old son was THRILLED and has been learning at a rapid pace. Just what he was looking for.

  • whozethere - Product causes severe hair loss--BEWARE!

    This product came heavily recommended by our Vet as so safe, "it does not need taken off for baths and lasts 8 months.). The Vet price was hefty, so I purchased the product for my 3 cats online. Our short haired tortie ended up with hairloss under her neck from her chin to her chest. Since this is a sensitive cat, I removed the collar and started treating her scabby reddened skin as hair continued to fall out in clumps. Today, I discovered the same thing happened with the same brand collar for small dogs to our red smooth haired daschund trying to wash what was spilled on his fur, I found thinning gray clumps of hair loss. I have spent $250 for 5 collars on something that is harmful to my animals. Do not waste money on this product!