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  • Glad Aboutthis - but it is overall disappoint for my purposes

    I bought this for the purposes of tracking my swimming workouts. I swam in college about 15 years ago and now swim for exercise. The product has some upsides, but it is overall disappoint for my purposes.

  • H. Cannon - I'm a fan...

    Great stuff! I bought it on the advice it might help the psoriasis I've had for decades. I got moderate results... thus encourage I kept using it. Combined it with Acetyl L-Carnatine caps and my psoriasis disappeared almost overnight. Miraculous to me. I take a maintenance dose now. Amazing Herbs BSO is very high quality.

  • Christian Hunter - The most influential book of its kind.

    It's been some time since I read this (about 2 years ago), but I was at the order page (getting a couple of copies for employees) and curiously scrolled down expecting to see nothing but glowing reviews for what has been the most influential "biz book" I've ever read.

  • Charles D - Liver Rehab

    I've held off for three weeks or so from beginning the product to give a review. I researched liver support supplements and chose this one based on the other reviews. My interest in this item is to aid in rejuvenating my liver after years of alcohol abuse. I'm also eating clean, exercising daily, and supplementing with fiber and probiotics. I feel great, obviously, and that could be the combination of all the good things I've doing to my body now. Now that my liver can focus on correctly and efficiently processing my food and vitamins, I'm seeing impressive weight loss and strength gains. My sleep is more restful, my mind more alert. I will give an update once I'm further along, but so far I'm happy with the supplement and will continue using it.

  • Keith Akins - Much appreciated improvements

    I find QB 2014 saves me a lot of time with the new access to sales receipts. Before I had to search for a particular number or arrow back/forward, but now I can just scroll through the sales receipts on the left of the current one. Also I like the feature of defaulting to the last used customer message, rather than having to click on the drop down list each time.