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  • Ramirez - Great Book!

    Precise and Helpful, passed English CLEP on first try because of the common sense advise in the book. It focuses more on the preparation process, rather then the actual study material for a subject, and I was worried about being unprepared, but I was wrong. Great Book!!

  • Krista D - 4.5 Stars

    I would give it a 4.5 but this computer does come pre-installed with a lot of bloat wear. Meaning software and program companies pay bit brand computer computer big dollars for computers to be sold pre-installed with there software. Many computer companies are doing this these days. The bad thing is this bloat where is exactly as it sounds it makes your computer run slow as hell sometimes to the point of freezing. Removing the bloat where is a good option and improves the computer greatly. Only thing is some of the bloat wear on the computer is asus bloat wear and removing the wrong thing could make the computer crash or become worse. Its best if you know how to properly unistall programs or get someone who does. This being said with the effort or removing bloat wear and now with doing computer updates. Its losing a star and a half because of the work to get it to be a good working and fun functioning computer. I give this computer a 4.5 star because with updates and bloat wear removal it works really good.

  • Sue Staples - Mac QuickBooks Rating

    I find Mac QuickBooks very finicky. Sometimes I click on check register and it brings up Sales Tax. It is sometimes very difficult to get into check registers I have to close down often. It has been getting worse and more frustrating. That is my biggest complaint. There are others but I do not have time to get into it right now.

  • Manuel Grosso Galvan - THE MUSICAL EVOLUTION IN THE STUDIO OF A GENIUS (1966-1968)

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary edition of "Smile" Sonny has seen fit to give us the full session of what was originally to be the disc, then for various reasons it was set up differently. When I say all the sessions I say all, ie including previous tapes to perfect the topics, thus we can hear Miles talking with his musicians, perfecting each note, is a great gift not only for fans of Miles but also for any musician. Podernos ingtimidad introduced into the study with Miles, Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter, is to dive to the bottom of the best music.

  • Humblestride - I love these running shoes

    Wow, I love these running shoes! I just received them on Friday and already completed two runs with two extra miles :). I felt like was flying as they are very comfortable lightweight. I bougt the dark blue and purple and they are BEAUTIFUL. These sneakers are true to size, but I got a half size up for comfort.

  • Love to Learn - No headaches or pressure now

    This system is great! I have used messy nasal irrigation systems and syringes but this is so different and easy to use with no mess. The system creates a suction on your sinuses and flushes them but the salt pod mixture that is used in the chamber doesn't burn like plain salt water rinses. It flushes with clean water in an upper chamber through your sinus and into a bottom chamber for rinsing and cleaning. I've had sinus surgery about 10 years ago and thought I was going to have to have it performed again until I found this system. No headaches and nice clear moist sinus. Thanks!

  • R.E. Burke - Leaves an annoying residue

    I've used this for the past year to help control an emergent roach problem in an apartment. My main defense was the use of boric acid crystals under the stove and refrigerator. These are places that roaches like to nest, so I was hitting them in their homes. I used this gel in more open spots like the caulking between my counters and the walls.